Ultimate Microsoft Project Bundle – 4 Courses for MS Project | Udemy

Ultimate Microsoft Project Bundle – 4 Courses for MS Project | Udemy
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Master Project 2019, Project 2021, and Project for the Web with this great value four-course bundle

What you’ll learn
Explain the differences between Project plans and Project versions
Explore the Project interface with confidence and quickly find commands
Work with keyboard shortcuts
Understand the difference between automatically vs. manually scheduled tasks
Setup Project calendars and define exceptions
Create milestone tasks
Set task deadlines and constraints
Deal with resource overallocations
Track and manage task and project progress
Explain what Project for the Web is and why it is useful
Compare Planner, Project for the Web, and Project Online
Import a project from Project Online
Create a connection between Power BI and Project for the Web (Dataverse)
Publish a report to the Power BI service
Learn all about Critical Paths in MS Project and the Gantt view
Learn to effectively split projects into sub-projects
Discover how to track and manage costs in Project including how budgets work
Discover how to use outline codes and WBS codes in Microsoft Project
Learn to produce bespoke reports for various project stakeholders
Learn how to measure a project against a baseline project and manage cost rate changes
Learn about saving your project as a template for future projects
Start to use macros in Microsoft Project to speed up your work

**This bundle includes practice exercises, downloadable files, and LIFETIME access**

Are you a Project Manager or a PMO looking to take your project management skills to the next level? Maybe you are an ‘accidental’ project manager who needs to upgrade your skills in Project. If so, then this course bundle is for you.

Conquer your projects and deliver on time and on budget by mastering the Microsoft Project suite. Whether you are using the older Project 2019 or want to get started with the latest Project 2021 release, or even looking to use an easier MS Project solution, we have you covered with this amazing value 4-course bundle.

This bundle includes Microsoft Project 2021 for beginners, Project for the Web, including MS Planner and Power BI Reporting, and Project 2019 for beginner and advanced users.

Whether your project is big or small, business or personal, there are so many ways that Microsoft Project can ensure project success.

What’s included?

Project 2021 Beginners

  • Explain the differences between Project plans and Project versions
  • Explore the Project interface with confidence and quickly find commands
  • Work with keyboard shortcuts
  • Switch between views and tables
  • Create, save, open, and close Project files
  • Setup Project calendars and define exceptions
  • Manually enter tasks
  • Understand the difference between automatically vs. manually scheduled tasks
  • Create milestone tasks
  • Add structure with summary and subtasks
  • Create a work breakdown structure
  • Link tasks and add dependencies
  • Assign lag or lead time
  • Set task deadlines and constraints
  • Assign resources to tasks
  • Deal with resource overallocations
  • Understand effort vs. non-effort driven scheduling
  • Customize table columns
  • Work with the timeline view
  • Sort, filter, and group tasks
  • Identify the critical path
  • Set a baseline to measure progress
  • Identify and fix issues
  • Delay tasks
  • Make tasks inactive
  • Add notes to tasks and resources
  • Track and manage task and project progress
  • Create and format basic reports
  • Print views, notes, and reports
  • Save a Project file as a template
  • Export a Project file to a PDF and Excel workbook
  • Password-protect Project files.

Project for the Web

  • Explain what Project for the Web is and why it is useful
  • Compare Planner, Project for the Web, and Project Online
  • Differentiate between the different Project Plans
  • Navigate the Project for the Web interface
  • Import a project from Project Online
  • Create a Project from a template and from scratch
  • Customize column headings.
  • Set the Start and End dates of a Project
  • Create new tasks and assign members to tasks
  • Add structure with summary and subtasks
  • Use Timeline view to modify tasks
  • Update task progress
  • Add attachments, notes, and checklist items
  • Group tasks into custom buckets
  • Create task dependencies
  • Categorize tasks with labels
  • Hide and remove columns
  • Share projects and tasks with others
  • Visualize project plans in a Microsoft Teams channel
  • Create a project roadmap

    Microsoft Planner

    • Create a plan in Microsoft Planner from scratch and from an Outlook group
    • Add members to a plan
    • Create and edit task details
    • Organize tasks into buckets and assign labels
    • Update task progress and priority
    • Attach files to tasks
    • Access plans from Microsoft Teams
    • Use Smart Backgrounds
    • Export a plan to Excel

    Project for the Web: Reporting with Power BI

    • Create a connection between Power BI and Project for the Web (Dataverse)
    • Locate and download the Power BI reporting template
    • Navigate the Power BI interface
    • Understand how visualizations are built and formatted
    • Create slicers to filter report data
    • Work with tables and matrix tables
    • Update/refresh report data
    • Build a custom report
    • Publish a report to the Power BI service
    • Create a dashboard to display key metrics.

Project 2019 Beginners

  • The MS Project Workspace, The Ribbon, Help and Project Options
  • To navigate project calendars, timelines and critical paths
  • How to set-up tasks and dependencies between them, including lag and lead times
  • Managing project costs, leveling and how to resolve resource over-allocations
  • Project security, saving and protecting Project files
  • Useful techniques for tracing task paths to simplify unruly Gantt charts
  • About setting up baselines and interim plans
  • How to work with costs, deadlines and overcome scheduling issues
  • To save your project as a template for future projects

Project 2019 Advanced

  • About resource sharing including setting up a resource pool across projects
  • How to consolidate different projects into a single project
  • How to set up recurring tasks to save you time
  • About custom fields and how to automate calculations in a custom field
  • How Outline and WBS codes work and how to use them in your project
  • How to properly manage costs including setting fixed costs, budgets, variable costs and overtime
  • How custom tables and custom views work
  • Detail on advanced sorting, filtering and grouping
  • Creating customized reports, charts and how to edit certain elements of a report
  • About Earned Value Analysis
  • How to import and export data from Excel, Word and Notepad
  • Using Macros in Microsoft Project

This bundle includes:

  1. 26+ hours of video tutorials
  2. 230+ individual video lectures
  3. Course and exercise files to follow along
  4. Certificate of completion

Who this course is for:

  • Users new to Microsoft Project 2019, Project 2021, or Project for the Web, and those upgrading from previous software versions
  • Anyone new to the project management role
  • Anyone who wants to learn project management and Microsoft Project
  • Project Managers and other business professionals who are familiar with Microsoft Project 2016 (or previous versions) and are looking to deepen their knowledge with more advanced skills.
  • Non project managers who have been asked to manage a large project
  • Those who who find Project Online to be too complex or expensive for your needs
  • Beginner MS Project for the Web users who want to explore the software’s functionalities



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