UI.Dev – React Query (2022-10)

UI.Dev – React Query (2022-10)
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React Query is the name of a training course from the ui.dev website. In this training course, you will learn React Query in a project-oriented way, which will help your learning process. The only prerequisite for this course is that you have enough familiarity with JavaScript and React to be able to learn the material.

Let’s look a little further and explain more about the course. As you know, React is one of the JavaScript frameworks designed and developed by Facebook, and React is used in the design of the program, which is called ui. But this framework also has its own shortcomings, such as state management and It has to receive and cache the data received from the server, that’s why React Query was introduced to eliminate these problems. And developers can develop their programs more easily.

Items taught in this course:
Write less code
No data retrieval
Improve your skills in this field
Learn React Query
And .

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