Udemy – VRRP on MikroTik with Load-Balancing & Failover

Udemy – VRRP on MikroTik with Load-Balancing & Failover
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Understand the need of VRRP for Gateway Redundancy and know how to configure it on MikroTik RouterOS
VRRP is a very important protocol to deploy it on our networks. It makes failover on the Gateways, so in case one Router goes down the 2nd router will go operational which makes the internet service working always for our LAN users.

Fortunately, MikroTik RouterOS has VRRP protocol available for us. However, configuring VRRP on MikroTik RouterOS can be a challenge, so I have decided to do this course to cover everything related to VRRP on MikroTik RouterOS.

This course will contains a lot of LABS, so I advise you to have some MikroTik routers under your hands or preferably to use GNS3 with CHR images.

In this course, I will cover the follow VRRP topics:

Understand what VRRP is

Configuring VRRP Basics

Configuring VRRP on VLANS

Configuring load balancing on VRRP

Having VRRP failover when the internet connection stops

If you want to master VRRP protocol on MikroTik RouterOS, I advise you to enroll in this course and I am sure that by end of the course you will have a complete understanding of how the configure VRRP on a proper way on MikroTik RouterOS.

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