Udemy – VICIdial Installation Masterclass A Step-by-Step Guide

Udemy – VICIdial Installation Masterclass A Step-by-Step Guide
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VICIdial is an opensource software that you can use to run a dialer system or and inbound contact Center.

What you’ll learn
What is VICIdial ?
How to install VICIdial on Virtual Machine ?
Learn how to verify your VICIdial installation .
How to create Phone, Users , Campaign in VICIdial?

We will start from the beginning and guide you through the entire installation process of Vicidial Call Center solution.
Whether you are new to Vicidial or have some experience, this training will provide you with the necessary steps to install Vicidial on VirtualBox.

Vicidial, a powerful open-source and free contact center software, is built upon the robust Asterisk telephony system. Renowned for its exceptional outbound call center features, it offers a range of functionalities such as Preview, Predictive, and Power Dialing, as well as IVR Survey campaigns for outbound surveys.However, Vicidial’s capabilities extend beyond outbound operations. It empowers users to establish highly efficient inbound call centers, equipped with features like Ingroups or Queues, IVR menus, and comprehensive real-time and historical reports. These reports enable monitoring of agent performance and provide a real-time view of sales activities.This training course aims to equip you with the knowledge required to successfully install VICIdial and verify its functionality. I will guide you through every step of the installation process, covering tasks such as downloading, installing, and configuring a virtual machine using VirtualBox on your Windows system. Additionally, I will assist you in setting the IP address, configuring the time zone, and other essential installation procedures.Furthermore, I will demonstrate how to log in to the admin panel, set permissions, create a phone, register a softphone, create a campaign, and verify the successful installation of VICIdial. This course is designed for individuals who are new to VICIdial and do not possess any prior knowledge of the software or Linux.It is important to note that this video training solely focuses on the installation aspect and does not cover VICIdial’s configuration for running outbound or inbound call centers. If your goal is to install VICIdial correctly and familiarize yourself with the initial steps, then this video is perfect for you.

Who this course is for
AnywohAnyone who wants to install VICIDial inorder to run an inbound or outbound Contact Center.

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