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Ultimate Investment Banking Course
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Master all the Financial Markets concepts : Stocks, Bonds, Options, Swap, Greeks, Hedging Stategies, Banking Regulations

Our dedicated approach and solid methodology will teach you the tools and skills of a good investment banker.

This course is also for anyone who wants to work in Investment Banking, and wants to learn about the necessary skills required to get into this sector.

No prior technical knowledge is required.

We have DIRECT EXAMPLES for all of the concepts that we will be introducing, so you can practice directly as you go forward into the course.
The course covers:

Banking Organization : Understand how a bank really works, the main actors and how they interact with each others.

Introduction to the Financial Markets : Introducing the different markets where the assets classes are exchanged. We will cover Equities, Bonds, Commodities and Forex.

Interest Rates : Learn about the most common interest rates, from simple to periodic compound rates, those will not have any secrets for you!

Derivatives : Derivatives are enigmatic for most people, but they are not. You will learn about futures, forwards, Swaps, Credit Derivatives and so on.

Options : From Vanilla to Exotic options, you will master all the options types and understand how to draw their profit & loss graphs. You will also learn about the Greeks, which are fundamental risk indicators if you want to work with the options !

Volatity : Very important concepts in investment banking, you will learn about the volatity and the different methodology to estimate it, such as the implied, skew and smile volatility.

Bonds : Bonds are of the most traded products on the financial markets. You will learn how to price a bond and familiarize yourself with the concepts of convexity and sensitivity.

Banking Regulations : You will discover the main financial institutions, their role, and also learn about the new financial regulations that came out after the 2008 crisis.

Why should you take this course? Different possibilities :

– You are not working in banking but you want to step in this industry and make a jump in your career. All the required knowledge and understanding for this industry have been gathered in this Package.

– You are a finance student. You are really struggling in finding a highly-valued and challenging position in Banking. You would like to start your career with a great asset on your resume and you are motivated to reach that goal.

– You are already a banking employee, but you are working in a department that does not fit your ambitions, and you would like to join a more challenging department such as front-office, and work in the exciting environment of the trading room. In order to do that you need to prove that you can bring value to the team.

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