Udemy – Turbo Dating The BADASS Blueprint to Find Your Life Partner

Udemy – Turbo Dating The BADASS Blueprint to Find Your Life Partner
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How to call in your ideal partner fast and without compromising, even if you think isn’t possible.

Most of us have tried and failed when it comes to romantic relationships and dating. Finding the right partner is not an easy task because of the complexity of the human experience multiplied times two!

Do you find yourself questioning your worth?

Are you sick and tired of meeting the “same kind of people” over and over again just to realize that you’re wasting your time with them?

Do you keep repeating the same patterns in dating and relationships while asking what’s wrong with you?

Is dating draining for you?

I feel you. I’ve been there too.

When I was dating, I would spend hours watching youtube videos, reading blogs, and applying a new strategy every time to a new person where it didn’t fit. I couldn’t understand what was wrong. A part of me was on the verge of giving up, but the other one wanted to keep trying with the hope that my soulmate was also out there waiting for me. Today I’m grateful that I didn’t give up and instead, I took the bull by its horns.

I started living my life on my own terms.

The result?

A new me, unapologetic and raw, naked soul and standing be my cheese. Not taking less than true connection, deep intimacy and radical honesty.

In that state of mind, I met my husband. And we chose each other after getting to know each other deeply to the bone for two months. What we called #turbodating.

Far forward, I created the Turbo-dating course for women that are struggling with meeting their soulmate. Women that are willing to invest in themselves to achieve their dream relationships.

What’s in here for you?

1. Deep Thinking and Self Exploration

The Turbo-dating journey is different from anything else you have tried because you will be thinking about things that most people don’t when it comes to dating.

2. Radical Self-Awareness

Most people have not defined who they want to date or brought consciousness to their inner world.

Most people don’t stop and focus on their actions and how they brought them to where they are today.

3. Curious and compassionate inquire

This approach is designed for you to explore yourself inside out as well as get to know your date deeper and faster. So you don’t waste time and energy second-guessing, entertaining the wrong guys and/or repealing the right ones.

4. Becoming the BADASS woman you’re meant to be

Knowing what BADASS stands for:

Beliefs – Identify your limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones.

Awareness – Bring your awareness to who you are deep down and what kind of man you want to attract.

Diligence – Take conscious and consistent actions towards the outcome you want to achieve

Assertiveness – Authentically and unapologetically own your truth and stand by it. Be brave to leave where you don’t belong, and to say NO, when is required

Self-love – Honor and love yourself like your life depends on it.

Sexuality – Step into your feminine sensual power and embrace your sexuality.

At the end of the Turbo-dating journey, a new You will emerge – empowered, confident, radiant and irresistible. You will arise well-equipped for a conscious dating journey. That will optimize your time and efforts to find a high-quality man who is willing, open and ready for the kind of relationship you’re waiting for.

Important Note: For best results, do one lesson per week and take the time to work on the exercises related to that lesson in your workbook. Remember to journal your biggest insights and go show up like the BADASS you’re meant to be.

This course is for you if:

…You are a woman in your 30s or early 40s, single looking for your life partner or in a relationship that does not fulfil you.

…You have a hard time finding or sustaining loving relationships.

….You have serial relationships that last a few months and leave you feeling sad, frustrated and angry with men, dating apps and everything in between.

…You want to settle in, build a family, and live your dream relationship, because why not?!

…You are determined to do ‘the work’ and change what needs to be changed to meet your ideal life partner.

…You want to stop doubting yourself and reclaim the confidence to put yourself out there.

Who is this course NOT for:

– Women who are genuinely happy being single and not having a family.

– Women who don’t want to make any effort towards their own growth.

– Women who are not willing to invest in themselves and prefer to keep whining about their situation.

– Women who are not committed to their own dreams.

I designed this course to help single women in their 30s/ 40s eliminate the roadblocks that are keeping them from meeting their soulmate/ life partner, faster, deeper and without compromising.

If that rings a bell for you, then you are in the right place. Take the step and get this course with you.

If not now, when?

The journey to finding the love you’ve been longing for is just a click away.

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