Udemy – The Salesforce Certified Associate Exam Prep Course (2023)

Udemy – The Salesforce Certified Associate Exam Prep Course (2023)
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Master CRM: Unlock Skills, Boost Your Career in Salesforce! This course prepares you for the Salesforce Associate exam.
What you’ll learn
Become ready and skilled to take the Salesforce Associate Exam Certification
Gain foundational knowlege of Salesforce to satisfy the following exam outline: Salesforce Ecosystem, Navigation, Data Model, Reports & Dashboards
Setup your Trailhead account, and start working to validate your knowledge and skills by completing badges, projects, and superbadges
Gain a foundation and working knowledge of the Salesforce platform, Customer 360, products, and their real-world use cases
Are you ready to take the first steps into the world of Salesforce? Are you looking to gain your Salesforce Associate certification? Do you want a clear and easy-to-follow course, while giving you everything you need to pass your exam?
You have come to the right place.
The Salesforce Certified Associate Exam Prep Course has been specifically designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills to pass your Salesforce Associate exam.
My name is Kris McCabe, a multi-cloud architect and consultant with over a decade of experience in the Salesforce platform. An expert trainer and coach, I have helped many Salesforce professionals take their first steps into becoming certified using my unique learning methodology L.O.V.E.: Learning is Optional, but Validation is Essential. By following this methodology, you will not only be well prepared to take the Salesforce Associate exam, but you will also have build-up skills that can be used in Salesforce immediately.
Here is what some of our students had to say about our course recently:
“I like how relatable the presenter is, you can tell that they really enjoy what they are doing and it gives me the enthusiasm to get stuck in. Also, it is very well explained and you don’t get bombarded with acronyms and be expected to know what they mean.” – Chris
“For a beginners course, he’s informational and easy to understand. Would use again!” – Mary-Ann
What will you learn?
Following the exam outline for the Salesforce Associate certification, you will learn the foundations of what and how Salesforce is used through real-world use cases, mock exam questions, and curated resources. The course focuses on the following areas:
Introduction to the Salesforce Ecosystem
Salesforce Navigation
Data Model
Reports & Dashboards
Designed to help you accumulate knowledge quickly, after each section, you will be given a curated list of Trailhead badges to complete to help you put what you’ve learned into practice. This will ensure that come your exam day – you not only know the answer, but you have implemented it hands-on.
Who’s this course for:
Anyone looking to take the first steps into learning more about Salesforce and becoming a Salesforce Associate Certified
There are no prerequisites or prior technical knowledge needed. You will learn the knowledge and skills you need to know in this course
A lot of the content in this course will prepare you with foundational knowledge with the view to becoming a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Developer, Consultant or Business Analyst (note – additional training will be needed to cover the deeper technical aspects of these certifications)
Enrol today and embrace the LOVE principle – where we validate your skills, knowledge, and readiness, propelling you towards a successful career in Salesforce!
We look forward to seeing you on the course.
Who this course is for:
People who are wishing to learn about the Salesforce platform, features and functionality
Looking to change career by becoming a Salesforce professional
Looking to undertake the Salesforce Associate Certification Exam

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