Udemy – The Python Mega Course Learn Python in 40 Days with 20 Apps

Udemy – The Python Mega Course Learn Python in 40 Days with 20 Apps
English | Tutorial | Size: 10.33 GB

2022 Redone! Take the full course to become a Python programmer, or pick any project to master specific areas of Python.

What you’ll learn
You will learn Python basics, build GUIs, web apps, APIs, data science, OOP, web scraping, and more.
You will easily learn programming concepts through real-world examples.
You will build 11 big Python applications and solve 9 projects.
You will build a portfolio website to showcase your 20 apps.
You will learn Git, GitHub, deployment, SQL, HTML, Figma, venv, debugging, and more.
You will get help from the instructor and the teaching assistant when you get stuck.
You can chat with fellow students in the course chat forum.
You will get a certificate of completion to show to potential employers.

A computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux).
No prior knowledge of Python is required.
No previous programming experience needed.

An updated modern course

The course was updated in November 2022, entirely. The new content is a significant improvement to the old course, with a better course structure, more real-world apps, and using the latest version of Python and other recent programming tools. The course assumes you have never programmed before and teaches Python from zero.

Multimodal learning

This is the only course that follows a multimodal learning approach that offers students both a video course and an environment that simulates real-world programming activities similar to a real bootcamp. Students learn Python by building programs from scratch, adding new features to existing programs, improving existing features, fixing bugs, engaging in code experiments, learning programming tools that every programmer should know, deploying apps in the cloud, and engaging with other fellow students. Your skill set will build up progressively and strongly while you also build your programming portfolio to list and showcase all your Python projects.

A course for absolute beginners

This is the right course for you if you have never programmed before. This course covers every Python concept using real-world examples, so you understand both Python language and the logic behind programming. From the very basics to the very advanced features such as threading, everything is introduced in the context of a real-world app that you will build. That will make abstract programming concepts easy to understand.

Instructor-led projects and independent student projects

You will be building programs every day as your skills grow. Every day you will create programs led by your instructor, followed by projects you will code on your own to bulletproof your skills. Finally, you will be able to compare your code with that given by the instructor at the end of the day to fill in any gaps.

Changing careers or building apps

Whether you want to change your career to a Python programmer or turn an idea into a real app, this course has your back. You can take the entire course to become a programmer or pick the projects that interest you if you only want to build a particular app. You will also learn Git and GitHub so you can create a portfolio of 18 Python apps on your GitHub account to show to potential employers or friends.

From data science to web development

The course covers a wide range of applications, from rich data science web apps that analyze and visualize large amounts of data to building web applications using Python web frameworks such as Streamlit, Flask, and Django. Other aspects of Python, such as automating tedious tasks, are also covered, ranging from generating PDF invoices to automating emails. This course has it all.

Learn on your schedule

The curriculum encourages you to work on the course by studying 2-5 hours every day, but you can also do multiple-day modules during the weekend or whenever it suits you. In addition, you will have unlimited access to all the videos and practice activities. If you take this course seriously, this is better than a 10,000-dollar boot camp.

Boosted focus

Keeping yourself focused and motivated with online courses is hard, but not with this course. The course is designed around real-world projects and challenges to keep students interested throughout the entire course. This is a course that you will actually finish.

Student Testimonies

“This new material is great. I am learning the material much better than in the old format. These features help: repetition of the concept from many approaches helps me learn the concept well; the program development approach in teaching the codes (functions, variable assignments) makes learning more natural and therefore more efficient; the quizzes and coding exercises are well thought out, they reinforce the lessons. Congratulations! I am glad I remained with your course. By the way, I finished an earlier course of yours and got my first certificate in Python. But this course is way way more effective.”

“I’m giving this course five stars today because the November 2022 update, well complete overhaul, is massive and really brings the course to a new level. I completed about 70% of the old course, so I can say, the new update is great.

The self-study tasks are a nice addition and the projects are like what we’d be doing in the wild. So, we learn a bit and then do it ourselves (no peeking), which takes the course beyond a series of code-alongs.

It’s nice to have GIT integration now, which is something I’ve never gone into that much.

The course is angled towards CLI and web apps, along with some data analysis, so don’t expect a course on neural networks and machine learning, even though there is a section about computer vision and motion tracking.”

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