Udemy – The Complete WSL 2 Course for Web Development & Hacking

Udemy – The Complete WSL 2 Course for Web Development & Hacking
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Become a better Web Developer & Hacker by utilizing the best tools available today and make your terminal look awesome!

Welcome to the Complete WSL 2 Course for Web Development & Hacking

Web Developers and Hackers share very similar requirements when it comes to working with Linux. There are usually two camps: those who use macOS, and those who don’t.

Those who don’t use macOS usually end up being utterly confused by the vast landscape of Linux distributions out there and get tripped up by complicated setups of installing Linux as a Virtual Machine, or even worse, Dual-Booting Linux and Windows (Trust me, I have the most popular “How to install Kali Linux” videos on YouTube 😉 ).

I have been using those two setups over the past couple of years and I understand that people really struggle with the complicated nature of it. Since I have discovered WSL, and more recently, WSL 2, my workflow has completely changed and I haven’t used a Virtual Machine in more than 1 1/2 years.

WSL 2 did not only make my workflow as a Web Developer and Ethical Hacker much more efficient, but it also saved me a lot of time in which I did not have to deal with exotic issues that arise when using complicated setups with Virtual Machines.

I also enjoy working with Linux much more again since using WSL 2, since it’s so well integrated into Windows. Everyone who has tried my method did not look back so far. I have convinced Top-Level Bug Bounty Hunters and Web Developers to make the change and none of them has regretted it so far.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started with WSL 2. It doesn’t matter if you are a Web Developer or an Ethical Hacker since the course has separated those two areas clearly. Most steps of working with WSL 2 are the same for both camps anyway.

I also included a complete 1+ hours long section called “Linux Primer”, where I teach you all the fundamentals you need to work with Linux.

I am so confident that you will enjoy this course that I have provided a full 30-day-money-back guarantee so that you can purchase and try the course without any risk.

Thank you for your consideration, I hope to see you in Lecture 1!


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