Udemy – Tech Career Hacks – Career Progression Booster

Udemy – Tech Career Hacks – Career Progression Booster
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Expert hacks for a smoother and faster career progression in the tech industry

You’re a great coder? Good for you! Too bad that this alone won’t get you very far in your career. The most important skills for a successful career in tech are the right soft skills and sound knowledge of savvy IT-work-life best practices.or let’s call them: career hacks. A lack of those skills is the main reason for job frustration. Technical expertise alone does not even make you a real senior engineer, let alone a principal lead engineer or a manager. Even your daily work experience is directly affected: a good team atmosphere, efficient processes, professional software quality and satisfied customers are certainly not the direct result of purely technical skills. And why settle for mere technical prowess when 94% of HR managers agree that employees with robust soft skills and savvy behaviours are far more likely to climb the career ladder? And that makes perfect sense! In a world where statistically half of your professional life might be spent in meetings, these skills aren’t just nice to have-they’re essential. If you prefer elevation over stagnation in your career, you will need to level up.
You’ve come to the right place. Our program teaches relevant soft skills, IT-work-life best practices and career hacks needed for a successful career in tech. We’re not about abstract theories or AI-generated buzzword-bingo; we’re about actionable, real-world wisdom tailored specifically for tech professionals. No time for long winded lectures, we focus on efficient and relevant things that you can use straight away. We know the tech industry inside out and have been through the entire career path ourselves, from IT studies to hands-on professional software development up to management. All our content and examples come from real life experiences and from hundreds of interviews with IT experts who have shared their difficulties and their best advice with us. Our philosophy is: It’s not about being able to do everything perfectly. It’s about not making simple and avoidable mistakes. Be smart and take a shortcut. Don’t just be a participant in your career-take the reins and avoid the pitfalls that snag many. Position yourself for promotions.
We use micro-learning videos with condensed and to the point content that fits into your busy schedule, so you can upskill wherever and whenever you want, even in your lunch break! Our videos are designed to be engaging and entertaining, comparable to a late night show. Because: remember that boring lesson? Neither do we!
Our complete program is a series consisting of 9 compact courses, that cover topics like communication (especially communicating tech to non-technical people), making yourself heard as an expert, collaboration, professional skills, helping and improving others, career progression & self-marketing, dealing with superiors, leadership, business acumen and much more.
This is the second course covering a faster and smoother career progression. We look at things to know that will help you climb the career ladder. We look at the different career paths and try to help you figure out which career path is best for you. In doing so, we aim to be as honest as possible and also point out the unpleasant aspects of the job. We will look at the mindset and essential qualities required for a higher career. As always, in this course we will highlight the biggest stumbling blocks along the way, to which it is better to have an answer ready. Particular attention will be paid to the topics of criticism and feedback, as dealing with these is essential on the career path. You need to know that a career is a rocky road full of obstacles and that you will always have to expect headwinds and setbacks. This is not a bad thing, but only if you can deal with it.

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