Udemy – SQL Server Learn T-SQL in 9 hours (ITS-201, 98-364)

Udemy – SQL Server Learn T-SQL in 9 hours (ITS-201, 98-364)
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For SELECT queries, views, procedures, indexes, backing up databases and more. IT Specialist OD 201 (previously 98-364)

This course is the foundation for the IT Specialist Certification OD 201 “Databases Fundamentals” (which previously was Microsoft’s 98-364 exam), and focuses on Microsoft SQL Server. Learn in just a few hours how to create tables, queries, views, procedures and more.

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Seme says “Thank you very much for your valuable course . I really enjoyed this course . Packed a lot of information , I found it very interesting and useful . Thank you .”

Gasper says “Phillip always does a great job, this is my third course from him. Passionate and informed, I will take as many courses as I can from him.”

Jonas says “Explaining SQL on a very easyway! Takes you though everything you need to know nice and calm.”

We start off by installing for free on your Windows desktop or laptop SQL Server, and learning how the six clauses of the SELECT statement – SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING and ORDER BY.

We’ll examine how data is stored in tables, and see why normalisation is important for the proper building of tables.

We’ll then look at constraints, which allows you to set up rules for your data. Following this, how can we insert, update and delete data? We’ll also create views, procedures, functions, and have a look at triggers.

Finally, we’ll investigate how to speed up your queries using indexes, add security, and back up your data.

No prior knowledge is required – I’ll even show you how to install SQL Server on your computer for free!

There are regular quizzes to help you remember the information, so you can be sure that you are learning.

Once finished, you will have a good introductory knowledge of how databases work and be able to construct your own SELECT statements. And with a bit of practice, you could also go for the official IT Specialist exam – wouldn’t that certificate look good on your CV or resume?

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