Udemy – Rhino3D Aircraft Nurbs Professional 3D Modeling Course

Udemy – Rhino3D Aircraft Nurbs Professional 3D Modeling Course BOOKWARE-SOFTiMAGE
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Learn Rhino3D Advanced 2D and 3D NUBRS modeling methods to take advantage of all the possibilities that Rhino3D gives.

The moment when professional 3D design begins is when you can control every surface of the object you design. The shape of your project is then limited only to your imagination. You can take a long time to get to this point on your own. Professional training helps you quickly understand advanced 3D design methods. This course will teach you everything you need to master the Rhino3D tool and create amazing designs.

Based on the example of the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft, the Rhino3D NURBS Surface Modeling Course will teach you advanced tools and methods of creating, analysing, and editing NURBS curves and surfaces.

The course is addressed to intermediate-level Rhino 3D modellers who want to upgrade their skills to advanced ones. Five hours (14 episodes) of training videos will guide you through the many tools and methods of creating and editing NURBS surfaces, drawing technical sketches, analysing your design using professional tools, and many other tools that will help you use the Rhino efficiently. Book your time, get yourself excellent coffee start boosting your skills with easyRhino3D

Complete step-by-step video training on how to model a Pipistreal Panthera Aircraft in high quality with mainly class-A surfaces with rhinoceros 3D. You will learn how to create a photorealistic 3D model of this aircraft out of video training lessons.

Book your time, get yourself a nice coffee start boosting your skills with easyRhino3D.

You will learn such tools as NURBS Curve creating, Single Span Curve, Curve Continuity, Matching and analysing Curves Graph, Curve based Surface creating methods, network curve creating, and Surface tools like blend, fillet, and match. You will also learn how to evaluate surface continuity with the Curvature graph and make changes if necessary.

I will also show you many clever, useful tools to support your modelling work, such as extracting curves from objects, using surface UV data as design references, and many other Rhino 3D professional tools.


Modelling in any 3D software is not efficient when you do not apply a little bit of creativity. Conceptual thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial to getting the right destinated 3D shapes. In 3d Rhinoceros3D Aircraft Training, You will learn on step by step video explanations of how to solve encountered problems with different tools. That knowledge gives you confidence that you will be able to cope with any 3D design during your own projects.

2D NURBS Drawing

The steps described in the Rhinoceros 3D Aircraft Training illustrate a typical 2D as well as NURBS drawing creation process for technical objects and advanced surfacing purposes. 2d drawing is an essential stage in the process of developing 3d design. Most of the time, great shapes start with nicely designed curves. In 3d Rhinoceros3D Aircraft Training, You will learn how to work with “Curve tools” efficiently and professionally.

3D NURBS Surfacing

As you use the tools in Rhinoceros 3D to create your designs, you will need to use the NURBS technology to specify how you want your shape to look. You don’t need to understand exactly what NURBS are in order to operate in Rhino3d. Most important is to know how to use that mathematics NURBS technology to create very complex 2D and 3D shapes relatively easily and control them using “control vertices”. That is what you will learn in 3d Rhinoceros 3D Aircraft Training.
Đối tượng của khóa học này:

Product Designers curious about designing every detail of the product in unique way, surface by surface with knowledge of professional NURBS designing.
Industrial Designers wanting to expand tvheir knowledge in the field of designing 2d cures and geometrically continuous 3D surfaces
Design Students looking for creative 3D problem solving and expanding knowledge in the field of professional Rhino 3D tools, transfer your design competencies to the PRO level
3D printing passionates who want to learn the principles of 3D surface design in Rhino 3D in terms of the possibility of prototyping using 3D printing or CNC
Design teams where knowledge of the uniform 3D and 2D nomenclature is crucial for communication

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