Udemy – React Native E-commerce App

Udemy – React Native E-commerce App
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Build Android and iOS E-commerce using React Native
In this React Native E-commerce app tutorial, you will learn how to use flutter to build an iOS and Android version app for cross platform.

We will start slowly with UI. First few hours we will focus on UI and build a beautiful UI. So in first few hours you will learn how to save data to async storage.

The UI will include the below features

1. view men’s and women’s item

2. scroll through items

3. view detail page for each items

4. add item to cart

5. remove items from cart

After a few hours we will start with restful API. To be able to work with restful api, we will use Nodejs for api building and work with mongodb for storing data in the database.

As we build APIs we will also implement JWT authentication and do login.

So eventually before we place order we have to login. Once we login we will place order using Stripe payment. Apart from that we will have search product and wish list.

At the end we will see how to host this in Railway server for free. So you will learn how to compile this for real world app and access from your android phone as apk and show the world your very first React Native e-commerce app.

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