Udemy – Python mini projects

Udemy – Python mini projects
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Master python by learning projects and making amazing GUI applications, exciting games and much more
if you know python(if ,for ,while,…) but you are confuse how use your Knowledge to create APP you have to watch to this course to be more familiar with python script to create( shutdown-screenshot-timer-convert text to speech-controlling mouse and keyboard and create window and button an run notepad and play beep sound and automate task app)first of all you must have completed python basic course (if-for-while..)then start this course and learn how to create app and integrate applications to each other and use (if -fore-while…) between applications to be more familiar with python i think learning python with this method is very effective because the results are visual and tangiblePersonally, if I want to learn programming again, I prefer to learn the general rules first and then use the rules with concrete examples, which in this course focuses on small and concrete projects.I promise that by taking this course, you will find your way and find a new perspective in programming, and programming will be very enjoyable for you, and you will realize that programming is nothing but creativity and searching on Google.Please be sure to write and run the codes yourself for every video you watch
Who this course is for
the basic programmer who confused ,how to use python to create application

What you’ll learn
how to shutdown pc with python
how take screenshot with python
how convert text to speech with python
how create timer with python
how play beep sound in timer with python
how control mouse with python
how control keyboard with python
how run notepad with python
how automate tasks with python
how create window in python
how create button in python
you must have completed basic python course(if ,for, while,import)

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