Udemy – Professional Whiteboard Animation Videos Mastery

Udemy – Professional Whiteboard Animation Videos Mastery
English | Tutorial | Size: 2.99 GB

Learn to make A PROFESSIONAL whiteboard animation videos using Videoscribe combined with 2 additional programs

What you’ll learn
You will be able to create an engaging whiteboard animation
You will learn how to use Illustrator and Premiere Pro with Videoscribe to increase your professionalism.
You will be able to create your own videos using custom images
you will get premium packages of transitions, shape elements, and sound effects for free

PC or Laptop
3 software: VideoScribe, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro

Welcome to the Whiteboard animation Mastery course!
To make whiteboard animation that will perform well amid a massive number of videos, you need to be professional. And this is the purpose of this course .
Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this course is designed to elevate your skills to a professional level .
You will learn the secrets of creating engaging whiteboard animations that not only look cool, but also grab attention in the busy world of online videos .

During this course:
You will learn how to professionally animate your images
Tricks and tips to create a great video
you will learn how to make professional transitions between scenes, and add visual and sound effects to make your video more engaging
You will get premium packages for free, including:
• +80 Hand Package: Diversify your animations with a rich collection of hand.
• +100 Transition Package: Professional transitions to elevate the flow of your video.
• +200 Shape Element Package: Enhance visual appeal with a variety of shape elements.
• +100 Sound Effect Package: Elevate your videos with a library of captivating sound effects.
And much more…

Briefly, This course will take you from a beginner level in creating whiteboard videos to a professional level.
What are you waiting for?
Enroll now and embark on a journey that will transform your whiteboard animations from ordinary to extraordinary.
We’ll see you inside the course, where creativity meets professionalism!

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction and what you will learn
Lecture 2 For those new to VideoScribe (VideoScribe Basics)
Lecture 3 Very important ! maximize your learning experience in this course
Section 2: SVG files and Adobe Illustrator basics
Lecture 4 What are SVG files? Concepts and definitions
Lecture 5 How to make a professional whiteboard animation video
Lecture 6 Adobe illustrator basics
Lecture 7 Fill and Stroke effects
Lecture 8 Modifying Videoscribe vectors using illustrator
Lecture 9 Converting other image formats to SVG
Section 3: Advanced animation techniques
Lecture 10 Exploring advanced methods for drawing
Lecture 11 The coloring effect
Lecture 12 The eraser effect
Lecture 13 Scale and rotation animations
Lecture 14 Inserting mathematical equations
Lecture 15 Outfade out animation

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