Udemy – MikroTik Advanced BGP with LABS

Udemy – MikroTik Advanced BGP with LABS
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Manipulate your traffic using Advanced BGP features on MikroTik RouterOS
BGP is the routing protocol of the internet. In case you are working in an ISP or an intermediate to big company, you will surely have to work with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). However, configuring this routing protocol is a challenge because it is very complex and there are a lot of topics inside BGP to know them.

For this reason, I have designed this course which is the 2nd course for BGP on MikroTik, but this one goes to the advanced level after I have explained the entry to intermediate level in my other course which is “BGP on MikroTik with LABS – From Entry to Intermediate level”

So this course will go into advanced level in BGP and will contain a lot of LABS.

Topics that this course will cover are:

Singlehomed BGP for stub networks

Multihomed BGP for stub networks

Multihomed BGP for non-stub networks (including Load balancing and Failover)

BGP Remove AP private

BGP Communities

BGP route reflector

BGP aggregate

BGP Confederation

and much more…

If you want to master the topics of BGP in MikroTik on the advanced level, this I advise you to enroll in my course and I am sure that by end of the course you will have a good understanding of how to configure Advanced BGP on MikroTik RouterOS.

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