Udemy – Microsoft Fabric – Apache Spark and Notebooks

Udemy – Microsoft Fabric – Apache Spark and Notebooks
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Learn the Microsoft Fabric Spark environment, notebooks, dataframes, filtering, aggregating, joining dataframes and more

What you’ll learn
Apache Spark and Notebook Integration into Microsoft Fabric
Overview of the Microsoft Fabric Notebooks Environment
Dataframe Basics
Common Operations with Dataframes
Filtering data using Dataframes
Aggregating data using Dataframes
Joining Dataframes
Spark Libraries
Working with Dates
SQL Statements and Spark
Spark Configuration and Tuning
Exercises and Questions for Practice

This course takes you into the Microsoft Fabric experience of Apache Spark and Notebooks, where the power of distributed computing meets the elegance and fun of interactive coding in Python, R, Scala or SQL.

In this comprehensive course, you will be introduced to Spark’s pyspark library, empowering you to tackle common data challenges with remarkable ease. You will wrangle data in pandas dataframes and learn the most common dataframe operations. In short, you will acquire the skills necessary to manipulate your data in many different ways.

As you move deeper into Spark, you will master the art of filtering data, joining dataframes, and manipulating dates and times with ease. You will also be exposed to using SQL in Spark, allowing you to use SQL queries to extract data from Delta Parquet files and storing them in dataframes.

This course will also equip you with the knowledge you need to optimize Spark performance through effective configuration and autotuning. You will learn that there is very little you have to do to fully optimize the Spark environment in which your notebooks run.

The course consists of over 30 lectures, complemented by hands-on practice exercises that will challenge your understanding of the concepts being taught and perhaps your research ability. By the end of this course, you will be a confident and proficient Spark notebook user, capable of harnessing its immense power to solve real-world data scenarios.

Here are just some of the compelling benefits you will gain from this course:

Master the fundamentals of Spark libraries, dataframes, and SQL

Learn to how to filter, aggregate, and join data using dataframes

Gain expertise in manipulating dates and times

Data Wrangling

Learn how to optimize Spark performance through configuration and autotuning

Solve real-world data scenarios with Spark notebooks

Enhance your resume with in-demand Fabric Spark notebook skills

Position yourself for success in the booming field of Big Data

If you are ready to take your data skills to the next level, then enroll in this course today and learn how you can use Apache Spark and notebooks, integrated in Microsoft Fabric, in your day-to-day work.

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