Udemy – Learning Path: Practical Devops With Ansible And Docker

Udemy – Learning Path Practical Devops With Ansible And Docker
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Harness the power of Ansible 2 and Docker to automate and scale DevOps processes
Are you looking forward to gaining practical knowledge on powerful technologies such as Ansible and Docker? If yes, then go for this Learning Path.

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

DevOps is the most widely used software engineering culture and practice that aims at software development and operation. Ansible is one of the most popular tools in the open source orchestration and automation space. Docker is a tool that is designed to benefit both developers and system administrators. Ansible is the way to automate Docker in your environment. Ansible enables you to operationalize your Docker container build and deployment process in ways that you’re likely doing manually today, or not doing at all.

The highlights of this Learning Path are:

Get acquainted with using Ansible 2 features such playbooks, modules and various testing strategies
Learn to build and manage clusters using Swarm, Mesos, and Kubernetes
Customize and secure your Docker according to your business requirements

Let’s take a look at your journey. You will begin with Ansible 2.0, including its installation, the problems it solves, and more. You will also walk through creating your very first playbook. You will understand the power of variables and quickly be able to manage environments and implement strategies. You will find out how to integrate with different cloud platforms and be introduced to Ansible Galaxy and Tower, which are Ansible’s enterprise tooling for supporting large-scale infrastructure.

Next, you will learn what Docker is and explore Compose by writing a docker-compose. yml file for a social network app, and look at top-down approaches to building network topologies for your social network’s containers. You will then be familiarized with the Swarm workflow, Kubernetes, and Google’s tool for setting up a managed cluster. Finally, you will learn how to set up Docker’s plugin infrastructure and use the customization options.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have strong knowledge on the powerful techniques of Ansible and Docker.

Meet your authors:

David Cohen has been a system administrator, platform engineer, DevOps engineer, and software developer in everything from small businesses to growing companies (100+ employees) and large tech/engineering firms (10,000+ employees). Most of his work has centered around Linux and Unix system administration, web security, and software development in Python, Ruby, Javascript, and Go. He has also done stranger things such as helping to design two Tier-4 datacenters and being an Infantryman (not at the same time). On his tutorialinux YouTube channel, he has helped tens of thousands of people learn the basics (and not-so-basics) of system administration, DevOps, and software engineering
Shrikrishna Holla is a full-stack developer and entrepreneur based in Bengaluru. He builds and maintains sigalrm .io, a service that provides provides actionable alerts, allowing engineers to take immediate remedial measures.

What you’ll learn
Configure and manage your infrastructure using Ansible playbooks
Learn how to apply conditions and loops for control flow in your playbooks
Apply conditions and loops
Create task blocks and choose the right Ansible Strategy for the job
Containerize a web-based application with a base container and automate it using Dockerfile
Orchestrate, deploy, and scale a complex application using Docker Compose and Docker Machine
Get to know the software defined networking architecture used in Docker, which includes single-host and multi-host networking
Architect, create, and manage clusters of Docker hosts and deploy applications on them
Deploy Diaspora onto a cluster in AWS

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