Udemy – Learn Salesforce (Admin + Developer) with LWC Live Project


Udemy – Learn Salesforce Admin plus Developer with LWC Live Project
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Salesforce (Admin + Developer) with Lightning Web Components (LWC) Real Time Project

Students will learn everything about Salesforce CRM, Apex programming language used in Salesforce, Salesforce Object Query Language used to perform operations on Salesforce Objects. Students will learn how to work as Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer.
Students will learn Lightning Web Components programming model and how to develop/create project using Lightning Web Components i.e. LWC programming model.

Topics covered in this course
1. ERP vs CRM | What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
2. Salesforce Admin vs Salesforce Developer
3. Salesforce Terminologies | Basic Terms in Salesforce – Org, Object, Field, Record, Tab, App
4. How To Create Salesforce Developer Org | How To Create Free Developer Account in Salesforce
5. How To Write Your First Apex Program | Apex Hello World Program in Salesforce Developer Org
6. What is APEX? | Features of APEX Programming Language | Salesforce Development Course
7. How To Write Apex Class in Salesforce | Apex Class for Beginners
8. Apex Access Modifiers |Access Modifiers in Apex Class Salesforce | Private Protected Public Global
9. Apex Primitive Data Types |Salesforce Development | Integer, Long, Double, Decimal, Blob, id etc.
10. Apex Control Structures Part 1 : Introduction | Salesforce Development
11. Apex Conditional Statements |Apex Control Structures Part 2 : Selection Structure if else Nested
12. Switch When Statement in Apex Programming |Switch Case Statement |Apex Control Structures Part 3
13. Looping Statements in Apex |Loop Structure in Apex in Salesforce |Apex Control Structures Part 4
14. Apex List or Set Iteration for Loops | For Each Loop | Enhanced Range Based For Loop |Salesforce
15. Apex break continue Statements | Jumping Statements in Apex | break | continue
16. How To Create Custom App, Objects, Tabs, Fields (Columns), Records (Rows) in Salesforce Classic
17. How to Create App in Salesforce Lightning | How to Create Custom App in Salesforce Lightning
18. Object Relationships in Salesforce | Master Detail Lookup One to Many, Many to Many Relationship
19. Master Detail Lookup Relationship in Salesforce with Example
20. Many To Many Relationship in Salesforce with Example
21. Schema Builder in Salesforce
22. SOQL in Salesforce | Salesforce Object Query Language | SELECT and WHERE keywords in SOQL
23. AND OR in SOQL Query | SOQL AND OR Condition | Salesforce Object Query Language
24. IN LIKE in SOQL Query | SOQL IN LIKE | Salesforce Object Query Language
25. ORDER BY clause in SOQL Query | Salesforce Object Query Language
26. LIMIT and OFFSET Keywords in SOQL Query | Salesforce Object Query Language
27. How To Run SOQL Queries in Apex Programming Language | SOQL in Apex | Salesforce Development
28. Apex Insert DML Operation | Create Record in Salesforce Using Apex | SOQL Insert Query Example
29. Apex Update DML Operation | SOQL Update Query Example | Update Record in Salesforce Using Apex
30. Apex Delete DML Operation | SOQL Delete Query Example | Delete Record in Salesforce Using Apex
31. Apex Undelete DML Operation | SOQL Undelete Query Example | Undelete Record in Salesforce Apex
32. Exception Handling in Apex Part 1 | Salesforce Development
33. Exception Handling in Apex Part 2 | Try, Catch, Throw, Finally Block | Salesforce Development
34. Exception Handling in Apex Part 3 | Common Exception Methods in Apex | Salesforce Development
35. Exception Handling in Apex Part 4 |Creating User Defined or Custom Exception Class in Salesforce
36. How to create user in Salesforce Org
37. What is Role in Salesforce? How to manage Role Hierarchy in Salesforce?
38. What are Public Groups in Salesforce? | How to create and use public groups?
39. What are Queues in Salesforce? | Queue in Salesforce
40. User Profile in Salesforce | How to create & edit Profile in Salesforce
41. Page Layout in Salesforce Lightning | How to edit Page Layout in Salesforce
42. Salesforce: How to make the tab visible for other users?
43. Salesforce Field Level Security vs Page Layout | Field Level Security Visible & Read Only
44. Salesforce Permission Sets | Salesforce Permission Sets vs Profiles
45. Salesforce Data Import Wizard vs Data Loader | Salesforce Data Management Tools
46. Data Import Wizard in Salesforce | Data Import and Export in Salesforce | Tutorial
47. Salesforce Data Loader Tutorial | How To Install on Windows | Insert,Update,Delete,Export Record
48. Salesforce Data Export & Schedule Export Wizard | How can you Export or Backup Data | Salesforce
49. How To Make Email Template in Salesforce |Dynamic Email Template in Salesforce with Merge Fields
50. Visualforce Email Template in Salesforce with Example
51. Workflow Rules in Salesforce with Example | Salesforce Workflow Rules with Example Explanation
52. Salesforce Reports and Dashboards – Introduction
53. Different Types of Reports in Salesforce | Tabular, Summary, Matrix, Joined Reports
54. Salesforce Custom Report Type | How to Create Custom or New Report Type in Salesforce
55. Salesforce Schedule Report | How to Schedule Reports in Salesforce
56. Salesforce Dashboard Tutorial | Salesforce Dashboards for Tabular Summary Matrix Joined Reports
57. What are sObject in Salesforce? | SObject Data Type in Salesforce |SObject Class Methods in Apex
58. Trigger in Salesforce Apex with Examples | Apex Triggers Concepts & Scenarios in Salesforce
59. Salesforce Trigger Context Variables
60. Salesforce Lightning Web Components (LWC) Introduction
61. Salesforce – How To Run Apex Code in Vscode | How To Create Apex Class in Visual Studio Code
62. Create First Lightning Web Component & Deploy to Salesforce Org |Create LWC Component in vs code

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