Udemy – Learn Physical Red Team Operations

Udemy – Learn Physical Red Team Operations
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Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSEC Methodology

Getting paid to break into buildings, legally? Lock picking, camera evasion, social engineering, even ethical hacking? That’s what Physical Penetration Testers do. They test company security using the same techniques the bad guys do and that’s what I did for over a decade as the founder and CEO of RedTeam Security and subject of viral Youtube video called, “Hacking the Grid.” In this course, you can learn the process firsthand that my team used to break into some of the biggest companies.

Physical Penetration Testers, also known as a Red Team, are highly trained, experienced individuals who know how to infiltrate secure offices, buildings, warehouses, and more by employing techniques accomplished attackers use in Physical Red Team Operations. Many Physical Red Team operators work for government and organizations of all sizes in many industries. They use special skills in lock picking, camera evasion, covert reconnaissance, ethical hacking, social engineering, and more.

The Physical Red Teaming Operations Series is a group of four (4) pre-recorded training modules designed to teach students how to conduct Physical Red Team Operations comprehensively and repeatedly with precision and accuracy.

The training modules are pre-recorded and allow students to learn at their own pace on their own schedule. Based upon my published book, Physical Red Team Operations: Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSEC™ Methodology – for the first time in the industry, creator and founder, Jeremiah Talamantes teaches how to consistently, accurately, and efficiently execute Physical Red Team Operations leveraging the comprehensive REDTEAMOPSEC™ Methodology.

MODULE 1 Strategies

Introduction to the REDTEAMOPSEC Methodology

Development of the Rules of Engagement

Offline reconnaissance

“Boots on the ground” surveillance

Rally point and staging selection

Video and photographic recon capture

Intelligence collection and review

Operational plan development

Templates, plans, and other downloads

MODULE 2 Strategies

Mobilizing the red team

Deployment to the Staging site

Staging the team for covert infiltration

Inter-team communication and prowords

Assessing the environment for delta changes

Repositioning when things go wrong in the field

MODULE 3 Strategies

Introduction to the REDTEAMOPSEC Methodology

Environmental considerations in the field

Urban vs Rural settlements

Cover and concealment strategies

Team formation and hand signaling

Exploiting doors, motion sensors, locks, etc.

Establishing cardinal position once inside a facility

Movement within a building

MODULE 4 Strategies

Introduction to the REDTEAMOPSEC Methodology

Carrying out operational orders

Key SITREP reports to the Red Team Leader

Outcomes of the mission standing

Orderly covert evacuation from a facility

Evasion of security controls, personnel, and social engineering

Flag exfiltration

Mission port-mortem, notes, evidence capture, and briefing

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