Udemy – Kubernetes For The Absolute Beginner (by Michael Levan)

Udemy – Kubernetes For The Absolute Beginner (by Michael Levan)
English | Tutorial | Size: 1.48 GB

Gain The Knowledge You Need To Start Your K8s Journey

What you’ll Learn:
• Beginner-level Kubernetes knowledge
• Why Kubernetes is important
• How to deploy Kubernetes resources
• How to deploy clusters

Do you want to learn Kubernetes and containerization as an absolute beginner to gain value cloud-native skills that you need for the job you want or the job you currently have?

If so, keep reading.

What You’ll Get:
• A Kubernetes and containerization course with the content you need to fully learn and
understand Kubernetes from a beginner’s perspective.
• Hands-on labs/implementations and demos throughout the video training (over 20 labs).
• Code for the course

Course Outline
1. Intro video (welcome, why the course, what it’ll give to the audience, and how it’s essential)
2. Why Kubernetes
3. Kubernetes history
4. Docker and Kubernetes
5. Kubernetes cluster high level (control plane and worker nodes)
6. Control plane part 1 – API server and Controller Manager
7. Control Plane part 2 – Etcd (the datastore) and Scheduler
8. Worker node part 1 – Kubelet and container runtime
9. Worker node part 2 – kube-proxy and DNS (coredns)
10. Creating a cluster part 1 – Minikube
11. Creating a cluster part 2 – KinD
12. Creating a cluster part 3 – AWS EKS and Azure AKS
13. Plugins – what are plugins
14. What are Pods
15. Namespaces
16. Kubernetes Manifest breakdown
17. Creating Kubernetes Pods
18. Retrieving Kubernetes Pods
19. Taking it to a high-level Controller – creating pods with a Deployment
20. Statefulset
21. Daemonset
22. Combining Kubernetes Deployments and Kubernetes Services
23. Kubernetes networking
24. Kubernetes RBAC
25. Kubernetes ConfigMaps and Secret
26. Kubernetes documentation and community

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