Udemy – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Explained

Udemy – Key Performance Indicators KPIs Explained
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Essentials of Key Performance Indicators and How to Align Them To Your Strategy

Join this course and master the basic concepts of key performance indicators!

What you will learn:

– what are key performance indicators / KPIs and why they are useful for every business

– how to define good KPIs

– how to select key metrics for your strategic goals

– different types of indicators (e.g., leading / lagging, efficiency / effectiveness, input / process / output / outcome)

– useful fields to document in a KPI repository, with Excel template included

By the end of this course, you will get familiar with key terminologies related to KPIs and will be able to start defining key performance indicators for your team or company.

This is a summary course based on the most important concepts. I have been working with Balanced Scorecards and KPIs for over 7 years, attended multiple training courses, and have helped over 85 companies in various industries with defining their KPIs and performance management processes. This course is covering the key points for you to get started.


Sign up to this course to get immediate, lifetime access to:

· Course video lectures explaining key concepts

· Downloadable Excel KPI Tracker / Scorecard Template

· Course workbook with short exercises from video lectures & optional assignments

· Quiz to check your knowledge and to make it more fun 🙂

· Email support & course Q&A forum – an opportunity to link with fellow professionals

· 30-day money-back guarantee


About me, the instructor of this course:

Hi, I am Katalin and I am the instructor in this course. I am an experienced strategy and performance management professional with 15+ years of private and public sector experience and a Balanced Scorecard-certified “KPI guru” (as they called me at my previous workplace). 🙂 I love to pass my knowledge on to others as I believe that being able to use a Balanced Scorecard and KPIs are essential skills for anyone who wants to focus on data that matters most. Being able to identify key performance indicators is crucial in today’s state of continuous data overload. Learn how to link strategy and goals to metrics and projects and start measuring today.

So if you are in, sign up to the course, grab a coffee or lunch, and let’s get started!

Best wishes,

Katalin (Balanced Scorecard-certified performance manager & KPI coach, currently working as business process manager for a sustainable logistics company)

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