Udemy – Interior Design Masterclass Moodboard

Udemy – Interior Design Masterclass Moodboard
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Create your own interior design moodboard

What you’ll learn
Understand the concepts of moodboard creation
Implement your gained knowledge through available templates and assessment
Create moodboard template with analyzed & evaluated information based on given knowledge & strategies
Learn in an easy and fun way from designers experience
Have you ever wondered – What would be the easiest way to create your own interior design moodboard? And where to start? If yes, then you are at the right place. This masterclass is about Interior design moodboard creation in an easy and playful way.Through this course you will get necessary tools, tips & tricks and templates to create a moodboard for your selected interior design space. This course is put together by having a variety of my experience working with residential, development and commercial interiors. And, I am happy to share my knowledge and approach with you!Benefits you will get out of this course:Develop your skill to brainstorm about your perfect interior spaceTheory of selected interior design stylesHands on activities throughout the process with examplesThe Outcome will be created moodboard with interior design style you love!And at the end of this course you will also get two bonuses: 1) Pinterest board with moodboard examples. 2) My feedback for your created vision, once posted in Instagram.This course has two structured approaches with examples from my side.Hope you will love it and I will wait for your first moodboards, so I can send my feedback!My best regards,Aivita
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 About this course
Lecture 3 Did you know?
Lecture 4 Benefits & Outcome
Section 2: Approach & Technology
Lecture 5 Structured Approach
Lecture 6 Technology
Section 3: Ice Breaker
Lecture 7 Ice Breaker
Lecture 8 How to use PPT attachment for your Moodboard
Lecture 9 How to add pictures in PPT samples board (Example)
Section 4: 1st approach – Inspirational Pictures
Lecture 10 My Example
Lecture 11 Mid – Outcome
Lecture 12 Process & Analysis
Lecture 13 Final Outcome
Lecture 14 Closure
Section 5: 2nd Approach – Led By Example
Lecture 15 Intro
Lecture 16 Styles Explained
Lecture 17 My Example
Lecture 18 Analysis
Lecture 19 Outcome & Overview
Lecture 20 Task
Section 6: Extra & Thank you!
Lecture 21 Extra
Lecture 22 Thank you!
Beginners, who would like to create their own moodboard for interior design space,Intermediate, who already know interior design, but would like to gain insight of strategical approach of moodboard creation

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