Udemy – HTML and CSS for Beginners From Basic to Advance

Udemy – HTML and CSS for Beginners From Basic to Advance
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HTML5, CSS3, Elements, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Responsive, Iframes, Images, Colors, Box Model, Class

What you’ll learn
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
HTML Headings
HTML Paragraphs & Styles
HTML Text Formatting &Quotation and Citation Elements
HTML Images, Tables &Lists
HTML Media
CSS Selectors
CSS Background and boarders
CSS padding and margin
CSS Text, font and icons
CSS Links, Lists and tables
CSS overflow and Float
CSS Navigation Bar
CSS Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elements

No Experience Needed

If you want to learn HTML and CSS from the beginning than this course if for you. HTML and CSS {Cascading Style Sheets}. HTML is mark up language and it describe the web page HTML with the help of HTML we create different websites.css describe how HTML elements are displayed on screen with the help of CSS we can add beautification on webpages and our pages look beautiful. in this course you can learn completely about HTML & CSS language and at the end of course we ca also create a practical website using HTML & CSS . In This project you can use all concepts of HTML and CSS so by using all cocepts we can Design a creative and modern Website .so the course contents are followingHTMLHTML basicsHTML ElementsHTML AttributesHTML HeadingsHTML Paragraphs & StylesHTML Text Formatting &Quotation and Citation ElementsHTML Images, Tables &ListsHTML class Attribute & id AttributeHTML Computer Code ElementsHTML Semantic Elements & Style GuideUsing Emojis in HTML &HTML Encoding (Character Sets)HTML FormsHTML GraphicsHTML MediaCSSCSS SyntaxCSS SelectorsCSS CommentsCSS Background and boardersCSS padding and marginCSS Text, font and iconsCSS Links, Lists and tablesCSS Position and Z-indexCSS overflow and FloatCSS Inline block and AlignCSS Pseudo-classes and Pseudo-elementsCSS Navigation Bar and DropdownCSS Images Gallery & sprites

Section 1: HTML
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Introduction of HTML
Lecture 3 Starting HTML
Lecture 4 Text and Heading
Lecture 5 Style
Lecture 6 Formatting
Lecture 7 Link
Lecture 8 Image
Lecture 9 List
Lecture 10 Table
Lecture 11 iframe and symbol
Lecture 12 HTML Class Project
Section 2: CSS
Lecture 13 CSS Introduction
Lecture 14 Selectors
Lecture 15 Inline Internal and External CSS
Lecture 16 Colors
Lecture 17 Background
Lecture 18 Borders
Lecture 19 Margins
Lecture 20 Padding
Lecture 21 Box Model
Lecture 22 Align and Spacing
Lecture 23 Link
Lecture 24 Float
Lecture 25 Text, Icon, Height, Width, Font
Lecture 26 List and Navigation
Lecture 27 CSS Class Project
Lecture 28 Resource
Beginner who want to learn HTML and CSS from Beginning

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