Udemy – How To Create Your Menopause Roadmap and Find You Again

Udemy – How To Create Your Menopause Roadmap and Find You Again BOOKWARE-iLEARN
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Become a MenoPro and create your own unique plan to thrive during your menopause transition and beyond.
This course has been designed for women who want to take back control of their menopause symptoms and find them again. With this unique system, you will get support from a coach who will guide you to create your own personal, daily plan to create healthy habits for life.

Start your journey to better health and fitness today with this simple and sustainable, step by step action plan.

I call it Rediscover You.

It only takes a moment to decide to change your life for the better one day, and one habit at a time.

Let me help you make every day count and coach you through my course that will help you to make small, daily changes to your life to feel happier, healthier and minimise your menopause symptoms. You will gain the knowledge and skills to change your life.

The course has been created using my unique four ‘C’ approach:

Committing. Are you committed to taking control of your life and finding you again? Those who show up and take action are the ones who get results.

Creating. You do not want to be controlled by this menopause madness. You have the power to create your days and not react to them. This course will help you understand what is happening to you and identify areas where you can create new, daily habits which will help you to find you again.

Coaching. Sometimes you need the help of someone else to shine a light and guide you on an area of your life that you are struggling with. This course will teach you how to get started on this important journey and you will not be alone. I will be there as your coach.

Connecting. There is a deep power in connecting, both with others and within yourself. We were made to feel connected to our mind, body and soul. This course has been designed to teach you about the connection between sleep, stress, nutrition and movement so you can connect the dots of your own menopause journey and connect to a community of like minded women for accountability and support.

About The Course

The course will give you access to educational video’s, self assessment tools, accountability trackers, nutrition guide, PDF downloads and access to our online community. It is structured into six lessons as follows:

Regain Control Of Your Symptoms. This is designed to provide you with lots of information to help you work out “what the heck is going on?”. You will create your Menopause Vision Statement. Creating this statement is a simple but powerful way to get really clear on what you want out of your menopause journey.

Re-establish Your Sleep. This lesson looks at the importance of sleep and it’s effect on the body and mind then shows you how to personalise you plan with some daily habits to help with improving your sleep.

Reassess Stress. Here we look into our energy levels and we take a deep dive into the issue of stress, both physical and mental, the role of the adrenal glands pre and post menopause and help you understand your stressors.

Re-fuel for Health and Longevity. We look at the research behind the best diet for women transitioning through menopause and ageing, the micronutrients you need to focus on, how to eat to balance hormones, have lots of energy and a balanced mood. We also focus on gut health because we need to absorb all of those lovely nutrients to keep us healthy.

Reprogram Your Exercise Routine. This lesson looks at midlife movement and how it can help or hinder depending on what you do.

Rediscover You Roadmap. In the final lesson, we bring together all the pieces of your puzzle to create your roadmap which will help you decide what you need to focus on right now depending on your current symptoms and circumstances.

Let’s make your menopause transition, and the years after it, a time of growth, strength, well-being, and empowerment.

Your time is now!

Understand what is happening in your body, what is contributing towards your symptoms and the tools to deal them during menopause and beyond
The truth about the ‘feisty four’ hormones and how they cause havoc and weight gain during menopause
Life changing exercise strategies which can increase energy, improve your sleep, reduce stress and help you feel alive again
Why eating less and exercising more doesn’t work in menopause and the powerful nutrition strategies to use instead
How to start build your personalised roadmap so that you can thrive, not just survive
The important nutrients needed in menopause and how to get them on a daily basis
My nine golden rules of eating for energy, vitality, better mood and halting weight gain

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