Udemy – Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course

Udemy – Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course
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Learn Blockchain Architecture skills and design patterns to build Enterprise Blockchain Solutions


Learn Blockchain Architecture from the industry experts!

Learn the key concepts of designing Blockchain Architecture and Design Patterns in the most simplest terms.

Welcome to the Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course. Blockchain saw tremendous growth in the past three years, but there is still a gap present in Enterprise adoption of Blockchain. This gap arises due to differences between the Blockchain solution from the traditional software solution. This gap has also made software architects think in a distributed way to adapt and integrate Blockchain with enterprise and legacy systems. Setting up an adaptive and flexible solution is a prime requirement for any growing industry and this lead to new wave of software architects and consultants, who are also known as “Blockchain Architects.”

The prime goal for a Blockchain Architect is to:

Represent a common abstraction of the system, which all the stakeholders can use beneficially.

Setup design decisions, integration consideration, implementation strategy, deployment models and maintenance life-cycle.

Provide abstraction with continuous integration for the system. Bring in an adaptive model for Blockchain, which is well integrated with the current system but can also be utilized with other similar structures.

This course has been designed in such a way that you will get a thorough understanding of how to design Enterprise Architecture with regards to different business and technology considerations. This is a very comprehensive course which will take you through the Blockchain Design Patterns and Enterprise graded projects in the simplest way.


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