Udemy – Cyber Security for NonTechnical User

Udemy – Cyber Security for NonTechnical User
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The “Cybersecurity for Non-Technical Users” course is designed to provide individuals with essential knowledge and practical skills to navigate the digital landscape securely. This course is specifically tailored for non-technical users who want to protect themselves and their digital assets from various online threats.In this course, students will gain a solid understanding of cybersecurity concepts and terminology without requiring any prior technical knowledge. They will learn about common cyber threats, including malware, phishing attacks, social engineering, identity theft, and online scams. Through real-world examples and case studies, students will develop the ability to identify and avoid potential risks.The course will cover best practices for password security, safe internet browsing, and email and social media security. Students will learn how to create and manage strong passwords, recognize secure websites, and handle suspicious emails and social media interactions. They will also explore privacy settings and effective strategies to protect their personal information online.Additionally, the course will address mobile device security and the risks associated with public Wi-Fi networks. Students will understand the importance of regular data backups and learn various methods for backing up their important files

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