Udemy – Conquer Computer Science: Networks & Internet (Part 2/5)

Udemy – Conquer Computer Science: Networks & Internet (Part 2/5)
English | Tutorial | Size: 3.83 GB

A Course for Students Preparing for Any High School Computer Science Exams: iGCSE, GCSE, IB, American Diploma & More
What you’ll learn
Learn the fundamental concepts regarding computer networks and data transmission so you understand how the Internet and the World Wide Web work.
Get valuable study guides and advice on study techniques so that you can learn effectively and efficiently.
Practice exam-type questions to get you prepared for the IGCSE, GCSE or other Computer Science exams.
Understand how web pages are located, retrieved, and displayed on a web browser
Understand the concept of digital currency and how digital currencies are used
Understand the aims and procedures of various cyber threats
Explain how various solutions are used to protect data from security threats
Understand the process of packet switching
Understand how error detection works
Understand how data is encrypted

If you or teenagers you know are studying Computer Science and want to master fundamental concepts and achieve top scores in the exams, this is the course for you! Designed specifically for international school students, home schoolers, and independent students studying IGCSE Computer Science, GCSE Computer Science, or High School Computer Science, this course will provide you with everything you need to know to understand the internet and the World Wide Web, and how data is transmitted across the internet.

In today’s wired world, understanding the fundamentals of the internet and how data gets transmitted is a skill everyone needs. High school students, in particular, should master the basics of computers to prepare themselves for the digital age and the workforce. By learning about internet and data transmission in this course, you will be better equipped to use computers and other digital devices effectively. You will also be able to understand the protocols and rules that cover how information is sent from device to device. You will be better equipped to understand and evaluate new technologies and their potential impact on society. Finally, learning about the internet can be a fun and rewarding experience for high school students. It can help you develop new skills and interests, and may even inspire you to pursue a career in technology!

In this course, you will be able to:

Review the Computer Science syllabus in a logical and organized manner

Gain a deep understanding of each topic through clear explanations and illustrative images and videos

Reinforce your knowledge with interactive quizzes and exercises

Keep track of your learning with helpful study guides

Get instant feedback on your progress and identify areas you need to work on.

This course includes:

Video lessons covering the key network topics of Computer Science

Quizzes and exercises to reinforce your understanding

Downloadable study guides

Access to expert instructors for support and guidance

A supportive community of like-minded students to share your journey

This course is taught by a highly experienced Computer Science teacher who has spent many years teaching the subject in top-class international schools around the world, preparing students for success in many curricula and exams. He is a certified and highly qualified Computer Science teacher at the secondary level as well as at other levels.

This IGCSE Computer Science (O Level) masterclass is offered by LearnFire on Udemy. This masterclass covers all the content needed to write the IGCSE and GCSE Computer Science exams offered by Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge CIE or other exam boards like Oxford AQA. It also covers the basics of content required by the IB Diploma Computer Science course, AP Computer Science, or other High School or Secondary School Computer Science programs.

Who this course is for:
Secondary or High School students studying IGCSE or GCSE Computer Science (O Levels)
Students preparing to take A Level or IB Diploma Computer Science
Home School or Self-Learning students learning Key Stage 4 or High School Computer Science
Computer Science teachers looking to brush up on their Computer Science knowledge
Anyone interested in Computer Science or how computers work

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