Udemy – C++ sql database management design (complete training)

Udemy – C++ sql database management design (complete training)
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Learn how to design an sql database management system using C++

C++ sql database management design (complete training). In this course, the student will learn how a database works and how to implement one using a knowledge of C++. The lecture starts by teaching you how to open a file containing sql statements, and how to scan its tokens. Next, after scanning the tokens you will learn how to store them in a struct. Next you will learn different file handling techniques including how to open and close a directory, how to delete files and folders, how to remove directory and delete or replace its contents, also how to read the content of a directory. Also, you are learning how to create a database and database tables. You will learn how to authenticate database login, how to delete tables and how to delete databases, how to insert new items and how to replace old ones , you will also learn how to store identifier and their data and how we search for identifier values, and finally how to select data from the database and display them using “echo”.

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