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Intensive Master Course on Digital Banking

Digital banking is the new big thing that has happened to human mankind. In fact, not only has it provided a means of convenience for today’s banking times, but it has also helped individuals to go paperless. Through Digital Banking, individuals can now easily make transactions, check their account balance or even make transfers just with a single click of a button on their smartphone, desktop or any other digital device. No more requesting or looking over paper statements or withdrawal slips, any longer.

But how did Digital Banking become so popular?

Digital banking has become a boon at a time where travelling to the bank for a simple task of transferring funds was a challenge. Now people can save on travel time and conveyance money. Moreover, it has become highly convenient for working-class, elderly people, to carry out their bank work from the comfort of their homes.

Through digital banking, you no longer need to wait for the bank working hours to carry out any bank work. Now you can do the required transactions whenever it is convenient to them, 24*7, even on holidays!

Traditional banking meant visiting the banks for each and every transaction and keeping track of the account history through all paper statements. Now, you have the option to go paperless and get all your transaction history through monthly emails. You can even log into through your NetBanking account and access your account history anytime you should want it.

Traditional notifications and alerts meant looking at the calendar date or jotting it down. Now you can receive alerts for payments which are due through apps and emails. This enables one to be prompt in paying outstanding bills before the due date, saving oneself from penalties. You can also set automatic payments to be made for your bills, so you don’t have to remember bill due dates also. One can pay utility bills like electricity, phone, gas, Credit Card etc. at their convenience from the click of a button. Also, you need not fill all the details again. The details are auto-saved on your devices via apps. This saves time and paper.

You need not have to contact the bank alone to report lost or Credit Cards. Now one has the additional option to report lost or stolen cards, activate cards, put misplaced cards on hold, and request for a replacement of card from the click of a button online.

Shopping online was practically non – existent a few decades ago. Today, current business brands like Amazon, Snap deal, eBay, etc. have become huge business thanks only to digital banking. They thrived into successful ventures, allowed start-up companies and different industries to emulate them. In turn, they now give you a wider opportunity to shop online, as well as plenty of brand options to consider!

Digital banking, especially through mobile banking has helped the rural areas. Now, they don’t have to worry about travelling long distances now, just to get to the closest bank especially during any financial emergencies. In fact, the rural population benefits the most from digital banking as they have access to the simplest of banking transactions just with a click of a button.

Filing your income tax returns traditionally meant endless paperwork. Now, IT returns can now be filled, and subsequent tax payments can be done via digital banking. This reduces the headache of tedious tax returns filling work. Also, government challans can be paid online.

With currency being exchanged on a daily basis, there is a possibility you would come into possession of counterfeit notes and fake currencies previously. However, in today’s time, digital banking eliminates that possibility when money transfers are done digitally.

These are some of the reasons why Digital Banking has become popular now. But these are also some of the reasons why you should choose Digital Banking in today’s time. In fact, with its growth potential with each passing day, you can secure your financial future if you start now!

The course on ‘Digital Banking’ is intended to provide Students, practising bankers, professionals and entrepreneurs a sound foundation in the digital banking products such as Cards, ATMs, Mobile and Internet Banking and PoS. This will make them familiar with relevant aspects such that they could help in rendering improved customer service and also will help them in properly guiding the customers as and when needed.

This course will give you a comprehensive picture of the Digital banking industry. Your chance to succeed in the high growth, high potential banking industry starts with this course.

In this course, you will receive weekly fresh new video lectures.


The Course has been specially designed to transform you into a confident Banking and Finance professional.

It is an online learning course that prepares you in fields across Digital Banking, Fintech and regulatory bodies & many more.

This course is innovative, comprehensive and prepares future banking and finance professionals.

This program not only provides participants with the knowledge of operational aspects of banking and finance but also builds on their managerial and technical skills.

There is an emphasis on contemporary practices such as IoT, Blockchain and Automation Technology in Banking and Finance, which will give insights into the current industry trends.

Increased complexity and changes in Banking and Finance business demand an entirely new generation of banking and finance professionals.

This course not only provides participants with the knowledge of operational aspects of banking and finance but also builds on their managerial and technical skills.

Key Highlights

Impart Digital Banking knowledge and skills together with technology-familiarity and customer-orientation

High-quality academic rigour and specially prepared courseware.

Students undertaking the course will have comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in the subject of banking and finance.

The Course offers practical insights into the subjects while, at the same time, emphasizes robust theoretical foundation.

The course will make the candidate’s job-ready.

The course is so designed that most employers would value it for talent scouting.

The course is cost-effective and at the same time high in quality.

Who should Pursue this course?

A solution to the difficulties of choosing what to pursue after XII or Graduation. Any student who has completed or pursuing graduation and keen on a banking job

Pursuing Post graduation or postgraduates willing to start their career with a banking Job

Working professional seeking a career in the banking sector

Ambitious heads awaiting their opportunities of working with private sector banks

Career Opportunities:

Banking Officer and Bank Manager in Nationalized, Private and Foreign Banks, Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Portfolio Manager, Treasurer, Controller, Financial Manager, Accountant, Financial Agents etc.

What you’ll learn

You will learn to become an all-rounded Banking and Finance Industry Professional.


Any student who has completed or pursuing graduation and keen on a banking job

Pursuing Post graduation or postgraduates willing to start their career with a banking Job

Working professional seeking a career in the banking sector

Ambitious heads awaiting their opportunities of working with private sector banks

Why you should take this Course?

Career-oriented Course Content – A very important factor which has been kept in mind while designing all the course content is to make it relevant for the industry’s needs.

With these courses, you will get a head-start in your career

Interactive Teaching-Learning Methodology The teaching-learning process used for the programs is totally interactive

Curriculum designed and updated as per Industry requirements

This course also prepares candidates for widely popular exams conducted by IIBF

What Students Say :

“This was my first time taking a course in this format and it far exceeded my expectations.”..” – Asha Devi, Udemy Student

“very much informative..” – Aishwarya Parashar, Udemy Student

“Best and very informative.” – Arti chawla, Udemy Student

“Yes! It’s very useful for me. And I slightly know about the banks, but now I understand deeply about the banks, types and risks about the bank…..” – Gugan Sakthivel, Udemy Student

“This is very easy to understand the topics. Thank you…” – Chanda Manish Gupta, Udemy Student

“One of the best course..” – Suyog Mahesh Dandge, Udemy Student

“It was a really very good experience. All the details covered by sir is really great. Every smallest information was well explained by sir. I am really thankful to sir..” – Pragya Singh, Udemy Student

“Overall a very informative training session. Course content got well covered and also demonstrated the concept very well. Thanks for such an informative and concept-clearing training session…” – Kartikey Kaul, Udemy Student

“Trainer knowledge is excellent and with this course, I got useful knowledge…” – Vinay, Udemy Instructor

“The instructor was AWESOME! I came to the class already with some knowledge of the program, but learned a good deal more thanks to your class…” – Rashmi, Udemy Student

“Well, my own personal experience is about this online course is dam good. Also the way of teaching to the enrollers, they can easily relate such things in their situation and the voice is doing a great role in this session. And off course, it was a good match for me, definitely this right place to build your confidence by attending it. Hope you will provide us with more and short things to learn it!” – Atit Jagannath Lokhande, Udemy Student

“Great must for beginners and intermediate very informative ALL THE BEST!!!” – Stutie Gupta, Udemy Student

“It was very excellent course really like this learning” – Siddhi Bhavsar, Udemy Student

“It’s amazing love the course a lot” – Abhishek, Udemy Student

“It’s a really awesome course for me…I am very thankful to provide this for us.” – Sulochana Vemula, Udemy Student

“it’s a very good explanation and teaching..” – Vivek Mishra, Udemy Student

“Its very good. I think its something for which I looking for for a very long time. Thank You so much for this course you provided us with this awesome, amazing knowledge…” – Jitesh Arora – Udemy Student

Who this course is for:

Any student who has completed or pursuing B com, M Com, BFM, BAF, BBI, BIM, BMS, BA, B Sc and keen on a banking job.

Pursuing Post graduation or postgraduates willing to start their career with a banking Job

Working professional seeking a career in the banking sector

Ambitious heads awaiting their opportunities of working with private sector banks

Who this course is for:

Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs

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