Udemy – Become a master of BGP and OSPF on FortiGate

Udemy – Become a master of BGP and OSPF on FortiGate
English | Tutorial | Size: 3.78 GB

In this course we will learn to understand BGP and OSPF routing protocol and how to deploy BGP and OSPF in FortiGate devices and build real labs based on real environments in companies, Most useful in this course to build HQ and DR FortiGate LABs with branches and clarification how traffic Crossing through HQ and DR, solve the exercise when separating link branches with HQ and DR, and most importantly build a stable connection network in the routing table and check all predictable indicators of what is happening in the links between HQ and DR, the routing protocol No less important than protection procedures Make sure using network encrypted, use BPG and OSPF over IPsec VPN to ensure all traffic encrypted between branches to prevent sniffing attack.

-The BGP course will learn BGP route selection, status and show traffic using Wireshark because the Wireshark program this important to know what is the problem when BGP status still down.

-Using GNS3 will install FortiGate VM.

-explaining route reflector and what is the important to using that feature to share network and advertise networks to all branches to create network full mesh

-Additional Path feature integrate with Route Reflector and uses Access-List and Route-Map

-Peer Group that feature the simplification when have many of peers and difficult to add peer separately in the HQ and DR

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