Udemy – Automobile Hacking and Security v3.0

Udemy – Automobile Hacking and Security v3.0
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Audit your car’s security. Build a penetration tool to uncover vulnerabilities and threats, enhancing protection.

Welcome to the third and the final course on “Automobile Hacking and Security v3.0”. This is the continuation of our previous two courses “Automobile Hacking and Security v1.0 and v2.0”. It has been a long journey. We covered so many important topics in the previous two courses like CAN protocol, OBD2 protocols, ECU Models and many other things.

But this course is going to be very different because this is a fully researched base course. If you have taken our previous course you should know that CAN is a protocol used in almost all vehicles nowadays and it’s a wired base protocol but we are going to combine it with another protocol to make it wireless and receive wireless CAN data.

We are going to use an ESP32 board in this course, so first we will cover the basics of the ESP32 board which are required for this course. Then we will look at the MQTT protocol which is a very popular protocol in the IOT world. We are going to combine CAN protocol and MQTT to create our own device which will be a wireless device. And this device will be based on an ESP32 board. We will test this device on a real car to get CAN-BUS data wirelessly. Then we will also use the same device on the ECU Model to perform ECU Remote Based Attack. So this course is a cutting edge technology course which will help find vulnerabilities in modern day vehicles and also help in your thesis and research paper.

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