Udemy – Arduino IoT Environment Monitor Project

Udemy – Arduino IoT Environment Monitor Project
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The perfect project for the new Arduino maker looking for a weekend IoT challenge.

With this course, you will apply the knowledge you acquired from Arduino Step by Step Getting Started to create a simple Internet of Things device.

This course aims to give you the opportunity to complete your first Arduino project that is non-trivial, combines modern hardware and software components, and includes an Internet of Things element.

In designing this course, one of my core objectives was to make this project course small and focused in scope. With this project, I want to give you a quick win and bolster your confidence so that you will feel good about continuing with bigger and more complicated projects.

In this course, you will learn to use an Arduino Uno along with these peripherals:

The DHT11 sensor.

The photoresistor.

The 2×16 LCD display with the 4-bit parallel connection method.

The ESP01S WiFi module.

You will learn how to assemble those peripherals into a single circuit. You will also learn how to calculate the appropriate fixed resistor for the photoresistor so that light sensor readings are accurate.

On the software side of the project, you will learn how to write a sketch that:

Makes use of the peripherals within the limited resource constraints of the Arduino Uno.

Design a web and mobile dashboard that displays sensor data and controls the Arduino.

You will also learn how to power your Arduino motor project with one or two batteries to separate the Arduino and motor sub-circuits.


Most of the hardware I used in this course is conveniently part of the “3 in 1 IoT/Smart Car/Learning Kit for Arduino” by Sunfounder.

This kit contains an Arduino Uno clone board, the sensors, the wifi module, assorted resistors, wires and the breadboard.

This hardware is not included in this course, and you must purchase it separately.

You can purchase these items as part of a kit sold by Sunfounder, or individually from your preferred retailer.

Before you purchase any hardware, please take a few minutes to watch the lecture, “Hardware and kit overview”, where I discuss all hardware components needed in this course.

This course has a prerequisite: Arduino Step-by-Step Getting Started

This is not an introductory course.

You should know how to wire up simple circuits on a breadboard and upload a sketch to your Arduino.

You should be able to read and understand simple Arduino code, install external libraries to the Arduino desktop IDE, and know how to fix simple code bugs and wiring errors.

If you don’t feel confident about the skills I described, I recommend that you complete my course Arduino Step by Step Getting Started before attempting this course.

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