Udemy – Ansible & Ansible-Playbooks For Automation

Udemy – Ansible & Ansible-Playbooks For Automation
English | Tutorial | Size: 4.12 GB

Learn Ansible with some real-time examples of how to use the most common modules and Ansible Playbooks

What you’ll learn
Introduction to Ansible – Difference between Ansible Core & Ansible Community
Ansible Adhoc Commands
Ansible Facts & Creation of Custom Facts
Ansible Playbooks
Ansible Roles

Knowledge to provision servers From VMWare or From Any Cloud
Knowledge on Unix/Linux Servers with basic commands
Knowledge on What is SSH connection with remote servers
Knowledge on Difference between password-less and password authentication

The target audience for this course are systems or automation engineers with a few years of experience in managing various parts of infrastructure, including operating systems, application configurations, and deployments.

This course also targets anyone who intends to manage systems and application configurations effectively and in an automated way, with the shortest learning curve.

What you’ll learn

Ansible Controller with Ad-hoc commands

Implementation of Ansible Playbooks from basic level to advanced level

Ansible Installation and Configuration with directory structure and Architecture

Ansible Ad-hoc commands

Ansible Facts and Variables

Ansible Inventories (Static and Dynamic Inventories)

How to work with Managed nodes if managed nodes are not installed with Python

Password Authentication setup and explanation

Introduction to Ansible Playbooks

Operations on strings and numbers using Playbooks (Filters and Methods )

Operators to work with tasks

Conditional Statements, loops, tags and handlers

Block module and its usage

Template module variables, conditional statements and loops

Ansible Vault Concept.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

Provisioning Servers

From VMWare or From Any Cloud

Knowledge on

Unix/Linux Environment

Basic Commands

Usage of vi/vim Commands to Create a File

What is SSH Connection with Remote Servers ?

Difference between password-less and password authentication


Basic knowledge on any programming or scripting language

Its good if you have knowledge on python as Ansible is developed with python

Shell Scripting or Python Scripting is mandatory to develop own modules/collections

Who this course is for:

who are looking for a job in Automation using Ansible and Ansible Playbooks

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