Udemy – Advanced Fortigate Configuration

Udemy – Advanced Fortigate Configuration
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Master Fortigate skills and advanced security configuration

Welcome to Advanced Fortigate Configuration Course.

In this course you will advance more with Fortigate configuration, and start deploying Fortigate clusters in the cloud, integrate with SSO services, and design web proxy with different access levels for your users.
I will emphasize on reporting and analysis, so expect to dive into the different implementation of SNMP and Syslog solutions to capture and analyze large sets of logs, and monitor the environment health and stability .
Finally we will jump into web applications, to learn how to build, scale and secure IPv6-enabled services, and how to utilize advanced UTM security tools to protect your critical data and systems from online attacks.

What You will learn in this course:
How to Create SD-WAN zones, policies and performance SLAs for software defined networks.
How to install Fortigate VM 6.4.0 on Google Cloud Compute Engine.
How to deploy Fortigate A-P cluster using AWS CloudFormation.
Fortigate automation on AWS with Terraform.
How to apply and renew license for Fortigate firewall (New! Feb 2023).
Fortigate 7.2.1+ permanent trial license.
How to install Fortigate VM 7.2.4 on Google Cloud Compute Engine and Linux host (New! May 2023).
Building a hybrid cloud solution using Fortigate.
Configuring Fortigate Dynamic Routing (OSPF).
Configuring Bastion host with Fortigate.
Fortiguard Service Updates.
Fortigate Policy-Based Routing.
How to Block IP / Network list or domain list from text file using Threatfeeds.
How to reset Fortigate admin password using console port and serial cable.
How to fix broken Fortigate firmware / No firmware using TFTP to flash firmware.
How to restore Fortigate configuration backup & Advanced Fortigate Scripting.
How to protect against Denial of Service DoS & DDoS attacks using Fortigate Firewall DoS policies.
Fortigate Integration with LDAP services (SSO).
Fortigate OpenLDAP user authentication.
Fortigate Internet Usage Policy (Transparent Proxy & Web Filtering).
Fortigate Syslog Integration: FortiAnalyzer.
Fortigate Syslog Integration: Splunk Enterprise.
Fortigate SNMP Integration PRTG VS. SolarWinds NPM.
Fortigate Load balancing, health checks, WAF.
Fortigate IPV6 dual-stack.
Fortigate Advanced Security: DDoS Protection & Intrusion Prevention (IPS).
Fortigate Traffic Shaping.
Fortigate Application Control & SSL Offloading.
How to create Virtual Domains or VDOMs on Fortigate Firewall.

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