Udemy – 11 JavaScript Features Critical to Understand

Udemy – 11 JavaScript Features Critical to Understand
English | Tutorial | Size: 725.23 MB

Important JavaScript Concept and Features Every Developer Should Know

What you’ll Learn:
• Scope
• Hoisting
• Prototypal Inheritance
• Higher Order Functions
• Callbacks
• Immediately Invoked Function Expressions
• Closure
• The Module Pattern
• An Understanding of the keyword this
• Promises

If you work with JavaScript at all, you need to understand and be able to work with its most critical features.

In this course we focus on 11 of those critical features. Each feature is addressed on its own, but the course is also structured to build on previously taught features and concepts. We start with some of the most basic features like scope and hoisting, but eventually tackle more complex features like closure and immediately invoked function expressions.

This course will also provide you with the code files used in the lectures so you can work with that code on your own.

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