Udemy – 101 Blues Riffs Learn how the Harmonica Superstars do it

Udemy – 101 Blues Riffs Learn how the Harmonica Superstars do it
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Pick up the harmonica and play music immediately with guitar, bass and keyboard players, singers and other instruments

*updated March 2022* Udemy’s BEST SELLING BLUES harmonica course – with over 4,500 students.

No harmonica experience? No problem, I’ll walk you through nice and slow.

Do you ever feel you play the same stuff on your harmonica over and over?

I’ve felt that at times and, to get my mojo back, I study other players – and now you can as well.

You need 101 Blues Riffs – and here they come!

We’ve broken them down so you get all the notes, all the tab and I’ll even play them for you at three different speeds.

This course will increase your musical vocabulary; it will teach you how to play simple riffs in the styles of De Ford Bailey, Sonny Terry, Little Walter, Sonnyboy Williamson 2, William Clarke, JJ Milteau, Brendan Power, Big Walter, Charlie McCoy, Charlie Musselwhite and more…

By learning these riffs you will be a much broader musician and able to impress your audience and bandmates.

Every riff is written down as harmonica tab and normal music notation on a pdf and I’ll play it for you at different speeds with a click track as well on an mp3.

All you need is a ‘C’ diatonic harmonica and you’re away!

I’ll walk you through every riff in order before moving on to the next one.

If you want to free up your playing and explore the styles of some of the most successful blues harp players you’ve come to the right place!

Did you ever fool around with a harmonica as a kid?

Would you like to learn to play the harmonica better now?

Do you play guitar, piano, ukulele or are you a singer and want to add harmonica into your act?

Do you want an instrument that’s easy to pick up, store and carry?

Did you inherit a harmonica and want to pay respect to the original owner??

Where you inspired by Bob Dylan, Sonny Terry, Little Walter, Mick Jagger?

Would you like to play in a church, campfire, band or jam session?

Do you think harmonica will help with COPD or other health issues?

Is this a retirement ‘bucket-list’ project?

If you answered yes to any of those who are in the right place.

This course will help you become a great harmonica player. All you need to do is follow the lectures in order plus some practice and you will start to feel a surge of confidence as you see your skills increasing daily.

This will be exciting, fun, and challenging – I think you will thoroughly enjoy it!

I think people recognise my passion for the harmonica. I’m not someone who plays bass, guitar, piano, drums and sings, records, gigs.I just (mostly) teach harmonica.

Sure I perform sometimes, gig with friends, go to jams, do corporate harp demonstrations but MOSTLY I focus on playing, learning and teaching harmonica.

So if you have a Hohner harmonica, a blues harmonica, hohner special 20, a chromatic harmonica (ok, not that one) a blues harp, a hohner big river, a harmonica holder, a harmonica set.you can start to play now.

Give me a shout if you need any help please.

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