Tim LaHaye’s Last Prophecy Message

Tim LaHaye’s Last Prophecy Message
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It was a privilege to call prophecy legend Tim LaHaye a friend. As a former pastor and co-founder of the Pre-Trib Research Center, Tim’s “Left Behind” books introduced millions of people to the doctrine of the rapture and the Tribulation. I’m not sure there’s been a prophecy book that reached this many people since Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth!

Several years ago we were invited to a prophecy conference at the 412 Church in San Diego, CA, the home of Pastor Tom Hughes. Tim was celebrating his 90th birthday and little did we know at the time that he would soon be celebrating with Jesus. But before he got “promoted,” he delivered a message that I still remember to this day . a prophecy message that sent the audience home on Cloud Nine! A crystal clear presentation on Bible prophecy that left no stone unturned. A powerful witnessing tool to share with the lost!

Tim’s passion was sharing and defending the doctrine of the rapture and just like Prophecy Watchers, keeping as many people as possible out of the Tribulation. We hope it’s a blessing to you and to the people most important to you.

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Prophecy Watchers are a Christian organisation doing ministry work with a special focus on the End Times. They release documentaries, magazines, interviews and much more. They tend to be very biblically sound and diligent in their research. (description by Paladin, the uploader).

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