TidalWave Productions – Victoria’s Secret Service Russian Roulette 2021

TidalWave Productions – Victoria s Secret Service Russian Roulette 2021 Hybrid Comic eBook-BitBook
English | eBook | Size: 277.35 MB

Set in a restricted area inside the Ministry of Defense, only a select few have access to “the Compound.” Inside is a high-tech institution specializing in training England’s most elite soldiers. Subject to only the director and the Crown, these soldiers do not exist. Their missions relieving any threat associated to the Crown- whether it means going under cover at the meetings of the Houses, or foiling a terrorist’s plan, that’s what the VSS lives for, literally. Should the day come when they can no longer perform their duties, they will be terminated as swiftly as they once did to others. Come meet the gang. New faces have joined the Service and you can get the info drop here! Also, in this, new trade paperback from the hit Victoria’s Secret Service series, one of their own is kidnapped behind enemy lines and the girls have to go undercover to save her!

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