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Thriving in a Hybrid Environment: Tactics for Hybrid Work | Udemy Update 09/2022
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6 Tactics That Help you Thrive When you Work from Home and the Office (Improve Visibility and Communicate Better)

What you’ll learn
Improve visibility while working in a hybrid work setting
Maximize the benefits of remote and in-office work
Communicate more effectively with hybrid colleagues
Prepare for the future of work
Become more effective in your job role and excel in a hybrid world

**This is a short course (approx 55 minutes) that gives you everything you need to know about how to thrive when you work in a hybrid work setting**

Learn simple concepts that help you improve your visibility and your career prospects as a hybrid employee.

Master Easy Tactics That You Can Implement Straightaway

How to strike the right balance between working remotely and the office

How to communicate more effectively by moving up the pyramid of communication

How to increase your visibility and become more effective at your job

How to excel in a hybrid world by demonstrating your impact

How to maximize the benefits of remote and in-office work

After taking this course, you’ll learn how to prepare for the future of work and get better potential opportunities. You’ll also learn how to develop stronger relationships in a hybrid setting so you can thrive at work.

Content and Overview

The course contains 12 lectures and 55 minutes of content. It is designed for any hybrid employee who works at a medium to large-sized organization. The content includes six main tactics, and each tactic includes simple tips that you can follow.

The course is delivered in an easily digestible format for busy professionals (each video lecture is less around 5 minutes long).

Here’s are the tactics that are covered in the course:

Tactic 1: Balance the Two Hybrid Work Requirements

Tactic 2: Move up the Pyramid of Communication

Tactic 3: Increase Visibility Among Peers and Leadership

Tactic 4: Build Relationships

Tactic 5: Demonstrate Your Impact

Tactic 6: Communicate Effectively

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you may return the course within 30 days of the purchase date.

Ready to Start?

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Who this course is for:
Hybrid employees who work at medium to large-sized organizations
Individual contributors looking to adjust to hybrid environments



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