Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World

Think like a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for Today’s World
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Distilled to its essence, the ancient Greco-Roman philosophy known as Stoicism is a philosophy of personal betterment. Professor Pigliucci, who knows firsthand just how transformative a Stoic approach to life can be, has designed these 25 lessons as an enlightening introduction to the basics of Stoic philosophy and ways to incorporate its lessons into your own life.

For example, the Stoic understanding of ethics was far broader than the study of right and wrong, encompassing questions concerning one’s goals and one’s relationship to other people. Also, the Stoics felt that logic was another requirement of a well-lived life, because good thinking helps protect us from living according to nonsensical notions.

Throughout the course, you’ll investigate what these great philosophers’ words and deeds can teach us about living life in the 21st century. What does Seneca tell us about managing our time in the best way possible? Why did Epictetus suggest to debate patiently with disagreeable people? Can Marcus Aurelius’ philosophy of being mindful of the labels we give ourselves help make the world a better place?

This course includes plenty of exercises you can use to retrain your mind to take on a more Stoic view of your life and the world around you. Yes, you’ll come away with an incredible wealth of knowledge about the history and principles of one of the most enduring philosophies of life – but you’ll also be on your way to a more meaningful life for yourself.

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