The Windows PowerShell Language | Pluralsight

The Windows PowerShell Language | Pluralsight
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This course will teach the essential elements of the Windows PowerShell language. Even though you will apply this knowledge when writing scripts, it is equally valuable when working at a console prompt

Learning Wndows PowerShell is no different than learning any foreign language like French. In order to understand and communicate in French, you need to understand the rules of the language, such as syntax and grammar. In this course, The Windows PowerShell Language, you’ll learn how to do more with Windows PowerShell by taking advantage of its language features. First, you’ll explore variables and how to use them effectively in PowerShell. Next, you’ll discover how to use PowerShell’s operators to build simple comparison statements and much more. Finally, you’ll learn how to use arrays and hashtables. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll be able to do more with objects in the pipeline and be ready to tackle PowerShell scripting.

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