The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Assets & Architecture for Game Environments

The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Assets & Architecture for Game Environments
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Discover how to build a game environment in Unreal Engine 5 using assets created in Maya and ZBrush. Senior Environment Artist Giovani Magana shares various techniques from his professional workflow, focusing on efficiently building assets and architecture for game environments using an essential modular approach.

This workshop is intended for intermediate-level artists with some prior knowledge of working with Maya, ZBrush, and Unreal Engine assumed. Giovani begins by sketching initial ideas in Photoshop before building a modular asset kit in Maya. He discusses his approach to creating tiles, trim sheets, tileable textures, and tileable meshes and then demonstrates how to create other assets, such as rocks and props, using ZBrush.

To conclude this workshop, Giovani builds the final house and environment in Unreal Engine 5. He also assembles a corner of the environment to demonstrate his full process for creating organic landscapes, providing tips for finishing up a full environment using Unreal Engine.

The workshop focuses primarily on making the assets needed to build a game environment; Giovani’s Substance Designer and Unreal material graphs are shown in the workshop but are not detailed step by step.

Duration: 250 Minutes
Format: HD 1920×1080

00. Preview (not included)
01. Reference & Sketching

02. Rough Blockout & Composition

03. Medium Blockout

04. ZBrush Sculpting: Stone Wall

05. Making a Tileable Mesh

06. Thermal Rock Trimsheet

07. Ornate Trimsheet

08. Texturing in Substance Painter

09. Massive Rock Texturing

10. House Construction
11. Landscape Building
12. Decals & VFX

Maya, Unreal, ZBrush, Substance Painter

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