The Gnomon Workshop – Create a Procedural Waterwheel Simulation in Houdini

The Gnomon Workshop – Create a Procedural Waterwheel Simulation in Houdini
English | Tutorial | Size: 4.7GB

Discover how to build a fully functional waterwheel with an integrated fluid simulation in this comprehensive 4-hour Houdini video tutorial. Whether you’re just starting out in Houdini or are an experienced user, this helpful tutorial by VFX artist David Silberbauer is packed with tips and tricks that will be enjoyable for all experience levels.

This detailed Houdini workshop showing how to build a completely procedural waterwheel system covers numerous procedural techniques for manipulating geometry and simulations. He explains how to randomize attributes to create realistic and believable results as well as how to customize velocities for creating robust fluid simulations. The workshop also details how to use vorticity for meshing and white water, and shows how to turn your setups into Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs). David’s complete process is detailed through easy-to-digest chapters, along with his thought process along the way, to help guide you to making more effective and efficient choices when working in Houdini.

By following this workshop, you’ll learn how to be more productive in your Houdini scenes and explore how working in a procedural way will save time and allow you to be more efficient at iterating production shots. You’ll finish this workshop feeling confident in planning and building your own procedural systems going forward.

Provided with this workshop is a Houdini apprentice file with the procedural waterwheel asset.

Duration: 277 Minutes
Format: HD 1920×1080

00. Preview
01. Planning: What Do We Want to Build?
02. Introduction to Procedural Modeling
03. Building a Waterwheel: Part 1
04. Building a Waterwheel: Part 2
05. Building a Waterwheel: Part 3
06. Setting up a Robust Fluid Simulation
07. Fluid Simulation Continued
08. Turning the Setup into an HDA
09. In Summary + a Final Look at the Scene

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