The Gnomon Workshop – Animating a Recall for Games

The Gnomon Workshop – Animating a Recall for Games
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Discover how professionals approach creating a recall animation in this intermediate-level workshop led by Benjamin Davis, a gameplay animator at Riot Games. Drawing from his experience and the tools used at AAA game studios, Benjamin will guide you through the creation of a League of Legends-inspired animation. Along the way, he’ll share exclusive pro tips and tricks, empowering you to craft standout portfolio and demo-reel pieces.

This comprehensive workshop details the complete pipeline to create a game-ready recall animation, from ideation through the final polishing phase. Covering a variety of techniques, including snappy timing, strong poses, and moments of pause, Benjamin instructs how to achieve a stylized look efficiently. He demonstrates his personal ideation methods using Clip Studio Paint to sketch, and details the tools he uses within the animBot plugin for Maya to achieve a faster workflow.

Upon completing this workshop, you will have the knowledge needed to analyze, ideate, and plan your own animations and feel confident creating compelling key poses. You’ll also know how to spline an animation and polish your animations for presentation. The goal of this workshop is to help you feel ready to tackle any asset using the professional techniques demonstrated to achieve AAA-quality animations.

This workshop utilizes Kiel Figgins’ rigs, which are well known and used by many industry professionals.

Duration: 6h 17m

Format: HD 1920×1080

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