The DynamoDB

The DynamoDB
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DynamoDB is a highly available, infinitely scalable NoSQL database offering from AWS. It provides predictable single-digit millisecond latency no matter the size of your application. Companies like Lyft, Snap,, and Disney use DynamoDB to power global-scale applications with terabytes of data and millions of requests per second. DynamoDB is also popular with serverless applications due to its fully managed operational model, a pay-per-use billing model, and a scalability story that works for serverless applications.

But modeling with a NoSQL database like DynamoDB is different that modeling with a relational database. You need to intentionally design for your access patterns rather than creating a normalized model that allows for flexible querying later.

The DynamoDB takes a comprehensive approach to teaching DynamoDB, including:

Discussion of key concepts, underlying infrastructure components, and API design;
Explanations of core strategies for data modeling, including one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, filtering, sorting, aggregations, and more;
5 full walkthrough examples featuring complex data models and a large number of access patterns.

The DynamoDB Book is the authoritative resource in the space, and it’s the recommended resource within Amazon for learning DynamoDB. Rick Houlihan, the former head of the NoSQL Blackbelt team at AWS, said The DynamoDB Book is “definitely a must read if you want to understand how to correctly model data for NoSQL apps.”

See what others have said about The DynamoDB Book:

“A truly excellent book on DynamoDB! … The book has radically improved my understanding of how to use and model data in DynamoDB (and via single-table design).”
“Please, if you are new to DynamoDB, DO NOT start modeling relationships without reading this book! It is a must. It is the only book on the topic I found, even better than the AWS documentation.”
“This is a book I’ve read through once then gone back and re-read chapters after I’ve worked through them in code. It’s a great book on data modeling for DynamoDB and is pretty much the definitive reference and “cookbook” for some solutions.”
“Changed the way I look at DynamoDB. A great starter book for someone looking to use DynamoDB without making the common mistakes everyone else does. Has fantastic walkthroughs, and sectioned well. Definitely recommended.”

“Alex’s book is hands down the best DynamoDB resource you can find today.” — Daniel Galati, Senior Software Engineer @ Amazon and Creator at

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