The Diary of a CEO The 33 Laws of Business and Life by Steven Bartlett

The Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life by Steven Bartlett
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From one of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurs and the host of the chart-topping podcast The Diary of a CEO, this is a galvanizing playbook about building great things that’s sure to be an instant classic

Steven Bartlett has never been one to follow conventional rules. He’s achieved extraordinary success and emerged as one of the greatest marketing minds of our time by doing things differently. But there is a method to his maverick style.

Between founding and running a global digital marketing agency, investing in over forty companies, creating a hit podcast, and launching a venture fund for minority businesses, Bartlett has learned valuable lessons about success and failure, discovering a set of principles that he uses to guide him on his journey from strength to strength.

In The Diary of a CEO, he presents these thirty-three fundamental laws for the first time. Inspired by his own experience, rooted in psychology and behavioral science, and drawn from the conversations he’s had on his podcast with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, entertainers, artists, writers, and athletes, these laws will ensure excellence and help you take real steps toward achieving your most daring goals.

From the power of “leaning into bizarre behavior” to learning to “out-fail the competition” to “never asking for consensus on creativity” to “making pressure your privilege” to understanding why “you must be an inconsistent leader,” Bartlett provides counterintuitive and fresh insights to lead you on the path to success.

These laws will stand the test of time and can be used by anyone who wants to master their life and unleash their potential, no matter the industry.

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