The Complete Web Development Bootcamp with Go and Gin | Udemy

The Complete Web Development Bootcamp with Go and Gin | Udemy
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Learn to develop web application and web services using Golang

What you’ll learn
Build Web applications and web services using Go and Gin
Interact with database using GORM – A very powerful and popular ORM
Build applications from scratch
Learn various features of the framework like middleware, data binding while building a real application
Learn User authentication
Bootstrap Integration – build responsive pages
Signing using Facebook (Oauth2)
Build custom Middlewares

The Complete Web Development Bootcamp with Go and Gin is a course for (naive) Go developers to take their first step toward web development. The course starts with a simple web application, then developing CRUD APIs, and then full-fledged applications.

This Bootcamp is the outcome of developing mission-critical web applications and services in Golang (and Gin Gonic). The performance of Go and Gin combo is exceptional. Gin has become one of my favorite frameworks to develop web applications.

What you’ll learn

Build Gin applications

GORM – ORM package for Golang

Store data in MySQL.

Bootstrap Integration

Create HTML views.

Use Middlewares

Build custom middleware for Authentication

How to structure your project

How does this course work?

I will be developing projects with my screen shared from the very beginning. I recommend you develop these applications with me. This will help you learn and give you a kind of hands-on experience.

We will build 3 applications (excluding the ‘Hello World’ application):

– A note-taking application with user accounts and authentication.

– Oauth2 Login using Facebook

– TODO list manager application with Facebook login.


A Windows, Linux, or Mac machine. I prefer Linux, this Bootcamp is wholly done on a Linux machine.

A basic understanding of Golang, and Web development with any language.

Who this course is for:
Beginner Golang programmer who wants to learn web development using Go.



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