The Complete Rust Programming Course | Udemy

The Complete Rust Programming Course | Udemy
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The BIGGEST Rust course online! Master Rust in 2022 with challenges, coding practices and more!

What you’ll learn
Fundamentals of programming including: functions, structs, enums, pattern matching, iterators, closures, smart pointers, concurrency, and more
Learn memory management and understand ownership, references, borrowing, and how Rust makes your code safe
Build small applications to be able to piece together concepts
Learn how to test your code

Welcome to the biggest and most comprehensive Rust programming language course on Udemy!

With 17 hours of content already, this hands-on practical course is frequently updated to make sure you master all the skills you need to become a Rust expert in the quickest, clearest manner possible.

Stuffed full with practical challenges and exercises, the first half of the course introduces you to the basics of Rust and getting you comfortable and confident with Rust. The second half of the course focuses on data structures and algorithms, looking at which data structures you can use, as well as how to use them! You’ll also learn to analyse algorithms for space and time resource consumption… and a lot more!

Why learn Rust?

Rust is the most loved programming language by developers over the past few years according to numerous developer surveys. The Rust programming language is a highly sought after skill and is also one of the best paying skills in the industry.

In the US, Rust developers earn an average of $140k – $250k per annum (2022)!

What do YOU want to do with Rust?! Developers can (and do!) use Rust to build game engines, file systems, websites and tools, operating systems, browser components, and a whole lot more.

Rust does not sacrifice speed for memory management like many languages do, but Rust ensures memory safety unlike languages like C/C++. Rust’s compiler is going to handle a lot of the checking for you to ensure there are no undefined behaviors, dangling pointers, double-frees, etc.

Why THIS course?

This is a fast paced course that is designed to give you everything you need to learn in a clear, but very concise manner. There is no fluff involved. I want to give you the skills you need as quickly as possible to allow you to immediately begin developing high quality software using Rust.

As well as practical projects, nearly every section of the course has a dedicated student assignment to complete! Each assignments tests your new skills and helps give you the confidence to tackle your own projects going forward!

In this course I will cover:

  • Common programming concepts (fundamental types, functions, control flow)
  • Ownership and moves
  • References
  • Structs
  • Enums and Patterns
  • Error Handling
  • Crates and Modules
  • Traits and Generics
  • Iterators
  • Collections
  • Concurrency
  • Webassembly
  • And much, much more!

By the end of this course you will have started at the basics of programming and journeyed all the way to becoming an expert in Rust!

What are you waiting for?r Dive in to Rust today!

Who this course is for:

  • Any developer looking to gain knowledge in one of the most loved and sought after languages
  • Someone who wants fast and safe code
  • Systems programmers, software engineers, back-end developers, and more.

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