The Complete LPI Web Development Essentials Exam Study Guide | Udemy

The Complete LPI Web Development Essentials Exam Study Guide | Udemy
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Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Express.js, and Node.js and launch your career in full stack web development

What you’ll learn
Cover all the objectives for the LPI Web Development Essentials certification and be ready to take the exam
Understand the principles of software development and learn to build with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node js, and SQL
Be able to build responsive and interactive websites incorporating media resources, data integrations, and user inputs
Be ready to leverage the introductions into these core technologies to dive deeper and undertake complex web development projects

The Complete LPI Web Development Essentials Exam Study Guide exists to quickly get you up to speed on all the core web development technologies:


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)





That means that, once you’re done here, there should be nothing stopping you from taking and passing the LPI Web Development Essentials exam.

But what’s much more important is that you’ll have a working familiarity with all the tools you’ll need to build efficient, secure, responsive, and interactive websites.

Will you be a galaxy-level expert in any one of those tools? No. At least not yet. But you will know how to build the server environments it’ll take to create those sites – and you’ll know how to pick up all the new skills you’ll need to build just about anything.

I don’t think there’s any software certification quite like this one. The LPI has come up with a set of objectives that beautifully covers the up-to-date, real-world tool kit people are using to create real web applications and websites. These tools will make you better at just about anything else you’re doing at work. And there’s a great chance it’ll push you to the next level(s) of your career!

This course includes:

More than two hours of videos

Downloadable files with all the code used during the course

Focused, fast, and complete coverage of the exam objectives

What are you waiting for? Enroll now!

What students are saying about David Clinton’s Complete LPI Security Essentials Study Guide course:

“I passed the LPI Security Essentials certification exam today with a score of 710 out of 800! Big thanks to David Clinton for his Udemy course! It is a great refresher for cybersecurity professionals!”

“A great introduction to not just Linux security, but general security concepts that every IT worker should know. Just passed the exam with a score of 710. An excellent resource to help focus my attention to the important weak areas I needed to revise before passing the exam. Many thanks!”

“Excellent course. Just passed the exam with a score of 670 out of 800. If you want to pass the certificate, I recommend this course.”

“Great course. Covered a little more than I was expecting.”

Who this course is for:
Anyone looking to take and pass the LPI Web Development Essentials certification exam
Anyone thinking about adding web development tools to your skill set
Anyone wanting to take the first steps in a career in full stack web development



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